As promised, this week Flexibits updated Fantastical 2 for the iPhone to version 2.3, adding support for the Apple Watch. The new Apple Watch app includes a list of all upcoming appointments and meetings, reminders, quick access to your daily schedule via Glance, and the ability to add events to your calendar via your wrist. Fantastical 2’s user interface is much easier to use (and a lot nicer to the eyes) than the default calendar and it’s already being reported that Apple Watch wearers are ditching the stock app and updating to Fantastical 2.


Fantastical 2 loads quickly and Force Touch can be used to add events using the same support that makes the desktop and mobile app so popular. For example, you can say something like “Get in touch with Jason on Monday morning,” and it will be added to your calendar. Events and reminders are entered via dictation but they can be checked off since they are presented in the Reminder’s list in a to-do list format. Pretty sweet, huh?

However, as previously mentioned, the hottest feature of Fantastical 2 for Apple Watch is the Glance feature. Glance portrays all of your daily events in a timeline so you get a quick overview of the day and information regarding your next upcoming meeting or event. Tapping on the timeline presented via Glance will open the full-blown Fantastical 2 app where you can see a list of everything you have going on for the next two weeks. A tap is all that’s required for more detailed information on each event.

Apple Watch wearer’s can customize the Fantastical 2 app via their iPhone. Number of events and reminders displayed, number of days displayed, and what Glance opens can all be customized.

Since Fantastical 2 is bundled into an iPhone update, it’s free for all existing users. Basically, if you own the iPhone app, you own the Apple Watch app. But if you don’t already own Fantastical 2, it can be downloaded from the App Store for $4.99.