Privacy is a hot topic right now, with the numbers of large-scale hacking events and major data breaches on the rise. One of the chief concerns for tech users of any kind is the tracking of their internet activity, especially with breaches that have recently involved membership accounts on hacked websites.

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One secure browsing option, Tor, that makes its privacy capabilities even better. Known as one of the safest options for untracked browsing, Tor works by basically bouncing your internet activity around the world to keep anyone who’s tracking you from being able to see what sites you’re visiting. Users who live in geographic locations that are problematic for accessing certain websites can also use Tor to get around blocked websites, which makes Tor an equalizer in terms of freedom from internet restriction.

Another great option that also launched an update is Ghostery, a Google Chrome extension that alerts you to all of the tracking features that are running in the background on the websites you visit. It gives you not only the information on the adware or other tracking tools, it also gives you the capability to block those tools so you can remain more secure. Be warned: some websites have so much going on in terms of running these behind-the-scenes tools that trying to access the website while running Ghostery can slow things down a lot, sometimes even to the point of making the website unusable. You may have to try blocking each tool one at a time and see which ones you’re comfortable leaving in place in order to use the website. That’s hardly Ghostery’s fault, and should actually make you question the behaviors of websites you like to use.

To take a look at the Tor update and the Ghostery update–as well as all the other software titles that launched new versions–check out FileHippo by clicking HERE.