It’s that time of the year again when Microsoft host their October media event and try and get the tech world excited about what Windows 10 users can expect from the Redmond based tech giant.

And would you believe it, but this year’s updates seem to have gotten the tech media (including me) a little flustered with what may become Microsoft’s most eagerly anticipated news since Windows 10 itself was released.

And while calling it the ‘Windows 10 Creators Update’ doesn’t exactly inspire awe, it is certainly appropriate, because it really does at the moment seem to all about creation and possibilities.

It’s just another Windows 10 update. Where’s the fire?

Fair point.

But this new update is set to contain some interesting 3D editing and creation tools, and may very well live up to the hype.

New versions of both Paint and PowerPoint have been designed specifically with both beginner and advanced 3d modellers in mind. The new versions will also have the ability to seamlessly mix real world imagery and computer generated graphics which one expert told the BBC could successfully lay the groundwork for future augmented reality technology.

Oh, right, great. Is that it?

No. It isn’t.

Perhaps the best announcement by Microsoft so far is their plan for their own Virtual Reality headsets, with the lowest cost model expected to retail for a relatively cheap $299. Relatively, is the key word in that last sentence. But this will make VR more affordable and more accessible for more people who want to experience VR. By comparison, the Oculus Rift is $599, and HTC Vive is $899.

It is perhaps telling from Microsoft that rather than manufacturing the headsets themselves, they have instead partnered with hardware manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo, in a sure signal of not only their confidence that VR will become the next big thing, but major hardware manufacturers do as well.

Anything else?

Yes, lots, but not all of it all that interesting.

The upgrade will of course be free for existing Windows 10 users, and will include the new ability to finally receive texts sent from Android smartphones on the Windows 10 desktop. There’s more, but I think that’s pretty much the coolest one at the moment.