There are is shortage of productivity apps on the market, all of them aimed at making your life easier and your workday more productive. A quick peek into the iOS App Store for “to do list” turned up literally thousands of results. But there’s an inherent problem with many of the apps that claim to help you get your day going while making your efforts more effective: scheduling things on the to-do list is a chore in and of itself.

The team behind Todoist noticed an interesting but alarming trend among certain users of their app. With the ability to simply shove a task over to another day when they weren’t ready to tackle that particular item, some users were building up lists for dozens of unfinished tasks on them; and that’s among people who were actually using the app instead of just installing it with good intentions and letting it fall by the wayside after a day or so.

todoist productivity app

Todoist AI helps users determine when they will be available (and in the right frame of mind) to complete tasks

To help users fight this phenomenon, Todoist has incorporated a new skill set to the app that relies on artificial intelligence to help users determine when they will be available (and in the right frame of mind) to complete certain tasks. Called Smart Schedule, the app will give users the option to let Todoist determine the best date, time, and timeframe for them to complete a new task based on previous behaviors and the type of priority that should be given to it. Obviously, buying a birthday present must be done before the actual date of the birthday, while “purchase swimsuit” might not need to be done until the spring, unless there’s an upcoming tropical vacation in the works. Todoist will now use its better judgment to offer ideal options for the completion date, while still letting the user override the option with more concrete details about their deadlines.

Be warned: the AI behind optimal scheduling can only tell you when you might be the most likely to complete the task… it can’t make you want to go to your mother-in-law’s birthday party, or actually show up.

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