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If you have a skill or ability that you would like to share with others, now you can do it – for free. Guide... Guide Central: Create Your Own How-to Guide

If you have a skill or ability that you would like to share with others, now you can do it – for free. Guide Central is a free app that works on both iPhones and Android devices that allows users to create a how-to guide for anything they are able to do.

You may think that there are already tons of how-to guides in book form and online in articles and websites; however, you don’t see them in app form. Imagine that you are in the middle of doing something, and you need some advice on the next step. Since most users have their phones with them, you could just pull up the guide and figure out the problem. This is much easier than logging onto a computer when you’re busy.

The team at Guide Central announced the launch of the new app on November 1st.  While the app may be new, the members are familiar with social media and the internet from YouTube and mobile development companies. Guide Central was created by a team of ex-YouTube workers. They work out of Dogpatch Labs and have been funded by NXTP Labs along with other private investors.

Guide Central: the homemade guide app


Users can share homemade how-to’s on Guide Central and on Facebook or Twitter, and through email. You can follow friends and learn about their favorite guides. Learn how to make a new recipe with a quick search or learn how to recognize ripe fruit with information that is at the tips of your fingers.

You can browse for guides and create your own. Upload photos to add value to your information. Like webpages, number of views helps make it easier to find certain guides. The more value your guide has, the higher it will be listed in searches.

According to the app developer, feedback from testers has been positive. They consider it practical and easy to use. It’s also available as a Facebook app to provide numerous options for users.

The company is looking at working with brands and creators to help them increase the audience for their products while providing revenue. The potential for this app is huge and it looks like the founders plan to capitalize on it.