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How Android and iOS Users can Hide WhatsApp ‘Last Seen’ Status
Instant messaging means that almost everyone is reachable within just a few clicks these days. That’s great, right? Well, there are some slightly annoying side-effects… Take WhatsApp ‘last seen’ notifications for example. If you’re not great at quickly responding to messages, you can definitely do without it! The globe’s... Read more
This is the ‘life-changing’ iPhone space bar hack that everyone is talking about
An apparently ‘secret’ hack involving the iPhone space bar is, rather hilariously, ‘blowing minds’ across the world right now. Surely, we’ve all been in the situation where we have to move the cursor while texting to edit a misspelt or unwanted word? This can be potentially problematic, especially if... Read more
How To Fix Your iOS 8.2 Battery Issues
As was expected this week, as soon as the ‘Spring Forward’ Apple event was over, there was a new update to iOS owing to the Apple Watch. But since the update there have been numerous complaints of poor battery performance across a range of iOS devices. I for one have... Read more
How To Get The Most From Your Smartphone Battery
Most of us use our smartphones so much that they will use up all of their juice by the end of the day. Likely you will plug your smartphone in at night and then forget about it and fall asleep, knowing that you will wake up to a fully... Read more
Incredible Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone
As smartphones get increasingly smarter, it makes sense that we should be able to control more things from just one place. So here are some cool products that you can pair with your smartphone, which will hopefully make your life a bit easier. ICEdot's Crash Sensor Image 1 of... Read more
How To Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop For iOS
Chrome Remote Desktop has been a service from Google that has been around for a while now, in fact, it’s been knocking around for years. The service basically allowed users to gain access to a Mac or Windows computer from another computer or an Android device. Up until now... Read more
Lost iPhone Data? Perform A Rescue Yourself With iFonebox
Don’t you just hate it when you lose your data? I mean, you ‘think’ you’ve backed up what you consider mission critical information, but when it comes to the crunch you know that you will have inevtably missed something! Time for iFonebox to step up on your behalf. iFonebox... Read more
Continuity: How to Disable Calls On iPad
Apple are great innovators. They make great products, which are well built and have some amazing features. With the announcement of OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Apple introduced a great new feature called, Continuity. This feature allows you to field phone calls and text messages from your iOS devices and... Read more
How to Share a Photostream with Non Apple Devices
I find using Apple‘s iCloud Photo Sharing service really useful for sending your favourite moments to all you favourite people. The service not only lets you share Photo Streams with other people using an iOS device, i.e. iPhone and iPad owners, but the service also provides you with a... Read more
How to Preserve Battery Life on iPhone 6 Running iOS 8
Have you bought the new iPhone 6 or 6+? Perhaps after using it for a short period of time, you have noticed the battery life isn’t what you would like. Is iOS 8 is draining the life out of your new handset. The latest software update makes the operating... Read more
How to use an Android Device as a Sat Nav Without WiFi
Remember when we used to use maps to get places? Now we rely on a little electronic voice to tell us where to go, getting lost isn’t nearly as much fun as it used to be and we’ve replaced arguing over who said we should turn left at the... Read more
How to Create Custom Ringtones for your iPhone
When you get your brand new iPhone, un-box it and start to play with it, isn’t it great to start messing around with all your settings, set your apps on your home screen, just how you like them, you know, things like that?  Then you come to setting up... Read more
How To Unlock Your Blackberry For Free
Especially if you have a slightly older model, like a Curve, unlocking your Blackberry so it works on any network is now very simple and there really is no need to pay anyone to do it for you. Don’t worry if you’ve never unlocked a phone in your life,... Read more
How To Resurrect A HP Touchpad
The HP Touchpad, a powerful large screen tablet that was discontinued almost the moment it was manufactured due to HP abandoning their WebOS operating system. The following firesale saw a large number of Touchpads released into the wild and they continue to be a favourite with tech savvy users... Read more
How To Find A Low Cost Android Tablet
Android tablets are taking over the world. The price of a decent tablet is plummeting and with so much choice out there it can be daunting knowing where to start if you’re considering a new one. We have tablets aimed at kids, tablets aimed at older users, casual users... Read more
Here’s How You Can Watch Apple’s Big Media Event Live
While it would be an awesome experience to witness Apple’s big media event on 9/9/14 in person, for many of us that’s not even close to being a reality. Apple hasn’t forgotten about us, though, and they’re providing a way for everyone who’s interested to watch everything that happens... Read more
Speed Up Your Android Smartphone in Three Easy Steps
If you’ve noticed that your Android smartphone is not at its best, then we’re here to help you give it a check up. It may be that your handset is running slow or just not performing as well as it used to, either way, don’t put it off any... Read more
How To Fix Your Broken iPhone Display
Apple builds their flagship devices with great care and makes them able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. But people do treat them like they are made of an indestructible material and throw them around a bit, which of course they aren’t and so the occasional cracked... Read more