Do you consider Pac-Man to be a modern work of art? Or perhaps Myst is more your idea of an artists’ touch. In any case the New York City Museum of Modern Art plans to show off those games and other as part of a new public exhibit.

The museum has chosen 14 of the most iconic video games of the last 33 years to feature. The games start with 1980’s Pac-Man and end with 2009’s Canabalt.

The 14 video game titles will go on display in March 2013 in the MoMA’s Philip Johnson Architecture and Design Galleries.


If you have been to the Museum of Modern Art in New York you are probably familiar with MoMA’s Philip Johnson Architecture and Design Galleries, it is the same area of the museum that features the original iPod and other electronics that have gained mass appeal and changed their industry for the better.

Some of the games in the collection have probably only been heard of by major gaming nerd, for example 1999’s vib-ribbon. While more popular titles such as The Sims are also included among the collection.

NYC Museum Of Modern Art To Feature Video Game Collection

According to the The MoMA blog the games selected are the “seedbed” for a chunkier collection of around 40 titles. The new games as they arrive will be a “new category of artworks” at the museum:

Here is the list of the first 14 titles that the Museum of Modern Art will feature.

  • Pac-Man (1980)
  • Tetris (1984)
  • Another World (1991)
  • Myst (1993)
  • SimCity 2000 (1994)
  • vib-ribbon (1999)
  • The Sims (2000)
  • Katamari Damacy (2004)
  • EVE Online (2003)
  • Dwarf Fortress (2006)
  • Portal (2007)
  • flOw (2006)
  • Passage (2008)
  • Canabalt (2009)

Museum officials have not yet revealed other games that will eventually be included in its collect. In the meantime are there any titles you would like to see included as works of modern art?


[Image via fanpop]