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You know how some couples share a Facebook account? I used to see that more in the early days of the social network, but... Avocado App: For Couples Only

You know how some couples share a Facebook account? I used to see that more in the early days of the social network, but lately, I think that I haven’t seen this setup any more. We all have our opinion on sharing social networking accounts, of course, but I personally don’t get it. Still, there is something to be said about connecting with your special someone online – and otherwise.

Avocado App

That’s where Avocado, an app that helps couples connect, comes into the picture.

For you and your favorite person.

That’s what the guys behind Avocado are using to attract users. The idea is that contact is essential to keep relationships alive. Avocado works on the premise that staying touch all throughout the day is part of a healthy relationship.

What can you do?

As can be expected, messaging is at the core of the app. You can think of it as – at the most basic level – another IM app which allows you to send messages free as long as you have data connection. That alone is not enough for the app to stand on, though. There are some possibly enticing features:

  • Share photos, collect moments and create a shared gallery.
  • Build a library of your favorite personal expressions to easily resend over and over.
  • Send emoticons with ‘funny face’ headshots that only one person understands and loves.
  • Selectively share photos to Twitter as a couple.
  • Share lists for everything from weekly groceries to new date ideas.
  • Build a complete archive of a relationship for walks down memory lane.

I don’t know about you, but I think the list and sharing capabilities is the most brilliant feature of Avocado. I can already see items such as “Don’t forget to pick up the laundry”, “We’re out of bread and eggs”, and “Please bring home ice cream” on my list. And, with notifications, it will be difficult to say “I forgot!”

Where to get Avocado

Avocado has a web interface, which you can access here. The mobile apps are more interesting, though, as the idea is to be able to make contact and access/share data on the go. It’s available for iOS and Android. If you’re interested, make sure you download before the end of the month so you can avail of the free lifetime membership!