You would think the best selling laptop on Amazon runs on Mac OS or Windows, but it doesn’t. Instead it runs Linux, and it is Samsung’s ARM powered Chromebook. It is the cheapest (listed at $249) among the top 20 best selling Amazon laptops, it is easy to use, and its demand is so high that it is currently selling for more than its listed price. Do not worry; it is still cheaper than any of its competitors out there.

Some of you might be a little anxious about using Linux but that’s the beauty of Chromebook, its interface is that of Google Chrome, and who doesn’t know how to use Chrome? So while Linux runs the show, the interface is pretty familiar to an average user.

Best-Selling Laptop on Amazon Runs Linux

Another great feature in Chromebook is that it allows you to edit documents on Google Drive without an internet connection. However, the true power of Chromebook is unveiled with an internet connection.

If you spend most of your time on the web (who are we kidding? of course you do), the Chromebook is ideal for you. Its internet connectivity rivals that of a Tablet, it has a 12.1 inch screen, and it is perfect for people who work using web apps.

Samsung Chromebook has a large track pad, a nice keyboard, and several applications that can help you tweet, read, write, and do all the things you do to look busy while online. If all you need to do is browse, use web apps, and work online, you should get this laptop.

However, if you need to run different programs and software applications to complete your work, this is not the most powerful laptop out there. If you primarily find yourself working on Google Docs, this laptop might just be the thing you are looking for.

The best feature we like about this laptop is that it does not make a big deal out of the operating system. Linux runs in the background while you browse the net using Chrome interface; if this were being run on Mac OS or Windows, there would be greater emphasis on the operating system. With Chromebook, all you have to do is turn it on and find yourself using Chrome.

[Image via gizmodo]