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As the unpredictable and innovative world of technology continues to grow at an express rate, smartphone users could soon find themselves paying their phone... Phone and Smart Appliances Bill in One?

As the unpredictable and innovative world of technology continues to grow at an express rate, smartphone users could soon find themselves paying their phone provider for more than just their calls.

It seems the ever-changing digital landscape has forced marketers to continually rethink content and come up with further and better ways to connect with consumers.

Just as the American multinational telecommunications corporation, AT&T, announced its forthcoming Digital Life Home Security and Automation project, which allows users to control aspects of their home, via their smartphone, Samsung has launched its versatile home appliance range (Smart Appliances).

So if having a bill from your network for your smartphone was not enough, users could soon begin racking up additional costs for appliances, such as the fridge.

Phone and Home Appliance Bill in One?

The South Korean-based phone giant has launched its T9000-LCD French-door Refrigerator, which not only comes complete with a 10-inch LCD Screen featuring calendars, weather and recipes, but also comes with pre-loaded apps, such as Evernote.

In-built fridge tablet

The Android-based Samsung refrigerator has a tablet installed on the front of the fridge, allowing the user to create a shared grocery list on the refrigerator.

If someone adds to the list, even while another person is shopping, the list will update and appear on their mobile device.

Phone and Home Appliance Bill in One?

The fridge’s ‘grocery manager’ also helps you keep track of what’s going into the fridge so after you set an expiration date, a note pops up on the screen letting you know what is about to expire.

You can also tell the program what options you have available for dinner and it searches the food and cookery site Epicurious, to find a recipe using your ingredients.

A Samsung spokesman said: “Convenience, ease of use, organization and connectivity are the heart of Samsung home appliances.”

Control lights and locks from home

Another company looking for more ways to weave into consumers’ lives is AT&T. From March, the company will offer users the opportunity to control, secure and manage their homes from ‘virtually’ anywhere – at a price of course.

The venture will allow users to turn down the thermostat at home without leaving the office, catch a live video of what is going on at home, or lock the back door from the other side of town.

“Whether you’re concerned about intruders, want to check in on your loved ones or pets, or simply want to monitor your energy use, AT&T Digital Life gives consumers control to secure and manage their homes from virtually anywhere,” an AT&T spokesman said.

The plan equips customers with control of their homes from a smartphone, tablet or PC – regardless of wireless carrier or broadband provider.

Users can chose from a variety of packages involving an array of wireless enabled devices and options –  such as appliance and lighting controls, window/door sensors, smoke, carbon monoxide, motion and glass break sensors, door locks, thermostats, cameras, moisture detection and water shut-off.

What would you like to control at home from your smartphone?

[Images via advancedtechnologykorea & nextgenlog]