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Starting off initially as a South Korean company specializing in home appliances and other electronic items that facilitate ease and comfort in everyday life,... Samsung Announces Future Plans for Smart TVs

Starting off initially as a South Korean company specializing in home appliances and other electronic items that facilitate ease and comfort in everyday life, it can be agreed that Samsung has found its calling in the Smartphone market with their Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy S III making headlines and keeping the company in the limelight quite occasionally.

With such good media exposure, growth, profits and demand drafted with the help of their Smartphones range, Samsung has not neglected its humble roots. By bringing the other electronic items in its inventory up to par with the current changes, Samsung can cater Smartphones and Smart Tv’s to its consumers. The dual technological advantage this grants Samsung an extra advantage that ensures that the company has a finger in more than one pie or in this case, more than one market.

Samsung Announces Future Plans for Smart TVs

With the New Year coming around and receiving a stupendous response to the new and improves Smartphones launched, Samsung announced its plans to provide new and improved Smart TV’s in the market as well. The new Samsung Smart TV introduces a whole new user interface to the consumer.

Samsun Smart Tv’s will come equipped with 5 pre-determined user screens that can be flicked with the help of a remote in a motion which is similar to how one would flick across their Smartphone screen. The pages are dedicated to user features such as:

Page 1 -“What’s on Right Now?”

This page showcases and keeps a track of shows that are currently being shown and can also recommend TV shows for you to watch. An integrated engine called “S-Recommendation” even pays attention to the current time so it won’t be recommending late night movie marathons if users have to go to work the other day.

Page 2 – Movies and TV Shows

This page shows the on-demand shows and movie content that users would want to see. However it is not integrated with Netflix.

Page 3 -Music and Photos

This page allows users to add, save and share their photos or music library with other computers, network drivers, smartphones and any other supportable storage devices.

Page 4 -Social Networking Services

The social networking services page provides access to all the popular social media websites including Skype, Facebook and Twitter etc. The Samsung Smart TV’s large screen size coupled with the Skype Video Calling services makes it a very impressively attractive option.

Page 5 – Apps

The Apps are housed on the last page of the user interface and include all downloadable apps which are common for Smart TV’s.

Although the features have wow-ed audiences, if compared to Panasonic’s update which allows users to customize their own home screens with their preferences, the Samsung Smart TV’s user interface can come off as restrictive and stiff. Looks like Samsung will have some tough competition in the Smart TV market as well.

And if all that doesn’t convince you to think about a Samsung Smart TV, maybe their seductive ad might: