Filling out college applications can be an intimidating chore, especially when you start adding up the expenses.  Just one year at a college or university can run anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000, or even more once you factor in tuition, fees, housing and meals, books and supplies, and don’t forget about transportation and personal expense. When you consider the fact that you will need at least 4 years of College to get a Bachelor’s degree, you’re looking at a hefty chunk of money that will most likely turn into daunting student loans that could take many years to repay.  And on top of that, many colleges give you no guarantee that you will even be able to find a job in your chosen field after Graduation.

Forget College – Try Programming Boot Camp


Programming Boot Camp

Luckily for people of today, there is an alternative to costly universities and massive student loans. There are now a number of fast paced IT training schools, referred to as Programming Boot Camps. These programs range from 9 to 24 weeks long, fairly short compared to 4+ years of College. These programming schools focus their curriculum on subjects such as Ruby on Rails, Java Script, Python, Objective C/iOS, PHP, Java, and .Net.

The tuition for these super speedy programs can cost up to $20,000 for a longer, 24 week study period. However, some of these schools are completely free (yes, I said free), or offer tuition refunds, assist in job placement, and in some cases, guarantee you a job in the field.

Choosing one of these programming schools could put any student at an advantage, both financially and by joining in on the ever changing field of technology. Instead of spending years living in cramped dorms and racking up decade’s worth of unwanted student loans, you can instead be quickly trained in a growing profession with less financial stress.

Interested? For a detailed look of these training courses, look online to view them individually, or compare them by study type, tuition price, or length of course. Thankfully Dmitri at has done the legwork for you and compared the most popular courses out there.  They include Launch Academy, Code Fellows, and Hungry Academy.

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