The Google Chromebook ‘Pixel’ made an unintended debut this week when the video appeared online without Google’s permission.

The Chromebook Pixel commercial is the work of design agency According to the company’s CEO a hacker breached the company’s corporate servers and stole the Pixel ad and other creatives for various clients.

Google is expected to offer a 2560×1700 resolution display with multitouch while running the newest version of the Google Chrome OS.

Google Chromebook Pixel Leaked In New Video And Photos

In the commercial Google claims the new Chromebook Pixel is “Designed by Google. Down to the last pixel.”

The new video was first announced by developer Francois Beaufort via a Google+ post. Beaufort is the same developer who leaked notifications details for Google Now and the Chrome browser.

Pixel’s first video disappeared for a while but quickly resurfaced all over YouTube as users continued to search for the new notebook.

If Google moves forward with the Chromebook it will be the first time Google builds a notebook of its own. Currently Google sells most of its Chromebook devices via the $249 Samsung Chromebook and the lower-end $199 Acer Chromebook.

At this time Google has not confirmed the video which could have been released as a hoax or to stoke interest in a yet to be created Chromebook.

Here is the video of the alleged Google Chromebook Pixel:

Here are several more photos that surfaced along with the Pixel video:

Google Chromebook Pixel Leaked

Google Chromebook Pixel Design

Acer recently announced that Chromebook’s now account for 5 percent of its overall sales volume and that number is expected to grow.

Have you picked up a Google Chromebook of your very own? The new Google Chromebook Pixel might just be the device that sways late adopters to the new cloud connected platform.

[Images via Electronista]