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The success of a new smartphone or tablet on the market is no longer just determined by its features or the ease of use.... HTC One Beats the iPhone 5 for Pixel Density

The success of a new smartphone or tablet on the market is no longer just determined by its features or the ease of use. The screen resolution of the gadget also plays a major role in convincing people to spend money on it. This may well prove to be the catalyst for the new smartphone from HTC, the HTC One. According to its specs, it offers a higher pixel count than devices including the iPhone 5. This means that HTC One has beaten the iPhone 5 when it comes to pixel density!

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HTC One Packs Unbelievable Pixel Count into Small Screen

The Retina display of the iPhone 5 had been touted to be the standard for smartphone and tablet screens in the future. HTC has just brushed that aside with its incredible pixel count despite the small size of the device. In the recent past, the Microsoft Surface Pro had received rave reviews for its screen resolution with some experts deeming it to be superior to Apple’s Retina display. Comparing the two devices can give you a better idea of how good the screen actually is.

HTC One vs. Microsoft Surface Pro

The Surface Pro is a tablet so naturally it has a much bigger screen than the HTC One smartphone. The screen size of 10.6 inches carries a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Crunching the numbers brings the total number of pixels to over two million. Dividing the total number of pixels by the screen size throws up a pixel per inch (ppi) average of 208. This is one of the best screen resolutions you would find on any Windows 8 devices.

Now, the HTC One phone has the same screen resolution, i.e. 1920 x 1080 pixels. This means that this screen too has over 2 million pixels. But in this case, the screen is less than half the size of the Surface Pro. In fact, the screen size for the HTC One is 4.7 inches. Doing the math will show that the ppi for the device is a mindboggling 468! If this doesn’t guarantee you sharp visuals what will! The numbers clearly show that HTC hold the crown for pixel density at present.

HTC One vs. iPhone 5 & Other Devices

Comparing HTC One with iPhone 5 gives HTC a clear lead. The ppi for the iPhone 5, with the Retina display and all, is 326. As you can see from the numbers, HTC is far ahead on the pixel count. An average gadget user would be able to tell that a higher ppi means a clearer and crispier image. Not only has HTC gone one up on Apple and Microsoft but on all the devices in the market. The closest that comes to the HTC One is a new phablet announced by Sharp and LG which will have a ppi of 440.

However, it remains to be seen whether that phablet ever gets made and released. Even though it is only pixel density, HTC has outdone the giants of the tech industry in at least one aspect of the mobile devices.

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