Sony recently announced the launch of the next generation of their PlayStation gaming console, the PlayStation 4. While gaming fans are eagerly awaiting its release, the company also went ahead and explained that people using smartphones and tablets would also be able to play the games available on the platform. How? You would have to download the PlayStation app and you would get access to a wide range of games you can play on PS4.

PlayStation App to Be Released For iOS

The news was made public at the Future of PlayStation conference. It has been a while since Sony had come out with PlayStation 3 and fans were awaiting the release of the next version. Well, that wait is almost over with the announcement that PlayStation 4 would be available for sale soon. The surprising thing is that almost concurrently, Sony revealed the app for their gaming console. Some industry insiders suspect that the app might actually have a negative impact on the sales of PlayStation 4.

However, this is not the case as explained by Sony. The handheld devices would only work as a second screen for users. They would still have to play the game on the console. The app would enable them to supplement the gaming experience by incorporating the use of their iPhone, iPad or any smartphone which runs on Android. This means that the PlayStation 4 would offer the conventional gaming experience, i.e. playing on TV.

The additional option of having a second screen comes into play for adventure games. You can view the map for the game on your device while playing the game on a larger screen. You simply have to download the PlayStation app to your tablet or smartphone to access this new feature. However, this is not the only way in which the new app can be used. It could actually enhance your experience of playing games on the PlayStation 4.

With the PlayStation app, you get access to a large number of PS4 games even when you are not at home. You can buy them through the app and then download them on to your console. What’s more, you will also be able to watch other players in action on your handheld device. It does sound like an exciting feature but whether it would be able to convince people to buy the PS4 remains to be seen. The sales projections are strong so one can only wait for the console to be released.

[Images via sonyinsider]