Sega is best known for its classic video game consoles, systems that were once considered the most cutting edge in gaming. Now the company is attempting something new, a set of Sega branded notebooks that pay homage to the software providers former console glory.

Sega Branded Laptops Now On Sale

Being sold by Japanese retailer Enterbrain, the systems are branded with either the Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Sega 16-bit or Sega Mega Drive logos. The company is also offering a stark blue notebook that simple features the Sega logo.

Sega branded notebooks range from entry to premium levels and vary based on a buyers needs.

Sega Notebook

The first device is the “Light version” which features a 2.4GHz Intel processor with 4GB of RAM and Intel graphics. The light version also offers 500GB of storage and a DVD burner.

The Premium version of the devices also offers a 2.4GHz processor but adds the Intel Core i7 setup. The premium device also comes equipped with a whopping 8GB RAM and features a Nvidia GeForce 650M graphics processor. Also included on the higher end Sega branded notebooks are a Blu-ray drive and 120GB SSD.

Both Sega notebook types offer 15.6-inch full HD screens, ethernet and video out ports and two USB 3.0 slots alongside a regular USB 2.0 slot. The devices also both come with Kingsoft Office 2012 preinstalled and run on the Windows 8 platform.

While the systems do not arrive with pre-installed Sega games, they do offer a collection of wallpapers and sounds that turn the notebooks into a further replicate of a buyers favorite classic system.

Buyers who really want more than one branding option can also purchase each of the Sega branded lids separately.

Sega 16-bit Notebook

Picking up a branded Sega notebook is not cheap, only 50 units of each model will be sold and they cost $1,070 for an entry level device and $2,100 for the higher end Intel i7 notebook.

The notebooks are not expected to be released in other regions.



[Images via Ebten & gamecubeworld]