Microsoft is looking towards the future. Every move the company has made over the past few months has shown that they are thinking long-term and want to do away with products and services which might halt their progress. This is why you would have heard about several products being killed off for good. The latest to get the axe would be support for Windows 7 release to manufacturing (RTM). According to the company, support for Windows 7 RTM would be discontinued after April.

Support for Windows 7 RTM To Be Discontinued After April

This is not the first time this past week that Microsoft has made such an announcement. Live Mesh was the first service to be removed from the slate. Also, there is news that Messenger would be the next to get the cut. The changes are coming thick and fast from the tech giant and more of them can be expected in the near future. However, this does make it difficult for users, especially enterprise users, to keep up with the platform.

The irony behind the whole scenario is that Windows 7 had only just started making its mark with enterprise users. More businesses were adopting Windows 7 after moving on from XP. Despite the availability of Windows 8, several businesses had been sticking to the older version of the Microsoft OS. So, it does come as a surprise at this time that Microsoft is going to end the support for Windows 7 RTM from 9th April onwards.

And it is not as if there was no prior indication from Microsoft that this was going to happen. Most users knew that sooner or later, the company is going to pull the plug on its support for the RTM version of the OS. What this means is that only users with Service Pack 1 and beyond will be able to enjoy full support for Windows 7 in the future. Still, there are a couple of months for users to get the Service Pack 1 and enjoy support after April 2013 as well.

This does not mean that you won’t be able to use your computer if it has Windows 7 RTM. It is just that you wouldn’t be receiving any more updates from the company regarding software. This also leaves your computer vulnerable to malware and other harmful elements. So, the only way out is to get the Service Pack 1 or keep using Windows 7 RTM but at a greater risk.

[Image via hdwpapers]