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Microsoft has been trying its best to get people to buy the Windows 8 and let go off the previous versions of the operating... Windows 7 Rules PC Market in the UK

Microsoft has been trying its best to get people to buy the Windows 8 and let go off the previous versions of the operating system they have been using. In this regard, they have announced that 60 million copies of Windows 8 have already been sold since its release. The good news is that most of them have been sold with OEMs. The true success of an operating system gets a boost when it is sold with hardware rather than as a software upgrade on its own. However, this is not the case in the UK.

Windows 7 Rules PC Market in the UK

Reports suggest that Microsoft has failed to promote Windows 8 in the UK to a level where people would be convinced to buy it. In the UK, Windows 7 remains the operating system of choice for PC users. Even people who are buying brand new PCs off the shelf want to use Windows 7 rather than opting for the newer version of the OS. The reports contradict what Microsoft has been trying to project and might prove to be the undoing of Windows 8 in the UK at least.

According to the report, several PC vendors and makers in the UK have said that their customers are requesting for Windows 7 to be installed instead of Windows 8. One of the companies questioned about this reported that well over 90% of the PCs they are shipping at present have Windows 7 pre-installed. Customers across the UK have been returning PCs that came with Windows 8 as the OS. They ask for the OS to be replaced by Windows 7.

The overall scenario is pretty clear. Windows 8 is not catching on with the UK public. The familiarity and popularity of Windows 7 might be major reasons why people are comfortable using it over the upgraded version of it. Or, it is quite possible that Windows 8 is not as good as Microsoft claims it is. Still, the sales have been strong across the world and Microsoft knows better than to panic at the situation which has arisen in the UK.

However, this still means that Microsoft has to take some major steps in the UK to ensure the Windows 8 does not die down entirely. Already, there is one vendor that has announced that the PCs it sells will have Windows 7 as the default OS. If the situation remains the same, most vendors are going to take this step as well. This is a puzzling scenario for the company. On the one hand Windows 7 is growing in popularity and selling well. On the other, their new OS is not clicking with the public.

What Microsoft should do is to find the reason behind the negative attitude of the people in the UK towards Windows 8. Maybe they would be able to rectify the issue and make sure their new OS doesn’t fail in a major market like the UK. The one positive aspect in the whole scenario is that the demand for PCs hasn’t declined. So, the overall situation for Microsoft in the UK may not be as bad as some experts believe it to be.

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