Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, has issued a new directive for the company that has created a media firestorm. The new ban on telecommuting for Yahoo employees has garnered headlines from major media outlets as well as swift responses from telecommuting advocates.   The details of the new rule for Yahoo employees were made public in a leaked human resources memo.  Many have issued statements of surprise over the rule that seems to be counterintuitive to the culture of most technology companies. However, others see the new ban as more of a reflection of how many of the big tech players such as Apple, Facebook, and Google, are doing business, and view the policy change as an effort on Yahoo’s behalf to emulate the workplace dynamic of those tech giants.

Yahoo Says No to Working From Home

In the leaked memo, it was indicated that Mayer believed that productivity was often hindered by telecommuting. Many telecommuting advocates would argue that the reverse is true, and that workers can be more productive when allowed to work at their own pace.  Regardless of which side may be correct on that matter, Yahoo has stated that they are simply doing what is best for their company.  In response to the leaked memo, Yahoo spokeswoman Anne Espiritu stated, “This isn’t a broad industry view on working from home-this is about what’s right for Yahoo, right now.”

It is well known that while many large tech companies don’t prohibit telecommuting, they do in fact encourage collaboration and interaction. It seems that Mayer’s new edict is a way of trying to reshape Yahoo into a culture similar to that of Google, as a means of attempting to become a bigger player. While the move may be surprising to some, or even viewed as a misstep by others, it is clearly a part of Mayer’s larger vision for the company.  As CEO, Mayer has certainly been able to bring fresh energy to the company, and in response to her actions, Yahoo’s stock is up 50%. Whether you agree or disagree with her methods, it is clear that for better or worse, Mayer has a vision for a new Yahoo.


[image via gawker]