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Money makes the world go round and this was on display when Yahoo decided to join forces with Google on a new advertising deal.... Yahoo to Join Forces with Google

Money makes the world go round and this was on display when Yahoo decided to join forces with Google on a new advertising deal. According to the agreement, Google now has permission to display its ads on some of Yahoo’s websites. That Google would make money off Yahoo would have seemed unthinkable, given the rivalry between the two companies which has been going on for so long. It does appear as though hatchets get buried when there is the prospect to make some money!

Yahoo to Join Forces with Google

What the Agreement States

Google and Yahoo have reportedly signed a nonexclusive agreement through which Google has permission to publish ads on some of Yahoo’s ‘properties’. Also, Google would be able to display its ads on some co-branded websites. The agreement has made it clear that the advertising would be done for multiple platforms. This effectively means that Google can target consumers through PCs as well as mobile devices.

Yahoo’s Standpoint

According to Yahoo, the agreement between the two internet giants is meant to provide users with meaningful ads which they can use. They have also made it clear that Google is just one of their partners as far as advertisement is concerned. By no means are they going to afford any special offers or privileges to Google. The fact remains that Google is the number one search engine when it comes to advertising and Yahoo wants to bring the same experience to their users.

Rivals No More?

Despite the fact that this agreement caught experts and industry insiders off guard, they aren’t interested in the finer details. Most of the people are asking about what it represents for the rivalry and competition between the two companies. It is no secret that Yahoo has been lagging behind Google in terms of search engine usage and has been trying to catch up for some time now. Yahoo even partnered with Microsoft to try and find a way to overtake Google. So far, none of its efforts have borne fruit.

Yet, the deal doesn’t necessarily mean that the two are rivals no more. In fact, it could spice up the proceedings, making things interesting for analysts and experts. It remains to be seen whether this is a one-off agreement or the two companies continue to collaborate on offering better services (read making more money!). Yahoo has been trying hard to strike up a partnership will Google for the previous half decade or so and it may have found the opening it was looking for.


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