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The Rise of Game Apps, The Fall of Handheld Consoles
With the price and availability of today’s tablets and smartphones, it is a must for most everyone that is constantly on the go.  With a seemingly endless variety of applications there is a convergence of information, communication and gaming all in one handheld device. Projected sales for handheld game... Read more
HTC One Is Worst Smartphone To Repair, Study Finds
The HTC One has earned the dubious honor of becoming iFixit’s first ever smartphone to receive a repairability score of 1 out of 10. HTC delayed its 2013 flagship phone by more than a month due to parts shortages and yield issues, now the company gets to deal with... Read more
FAA May Relax Rules on Shutting off Devices on Flights
Soon airline passengers may not have to turn off their e-readers or laptops during takeoff and landing.  For many frequent travelers, the announcement asking users to turn off their devices comes as a major annoyance.  Many have questioned whether or not it is even truly necessary to power down... Read more
This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos
This week’s collection of the top 5 trending videos doesn’t feature a common theme, though two of them are related to the same subject. One thing is for sure though; all the videos are very enjoyable and a couple might even leave you laughing like anything. Fans of the... Read more
FlightCar: Rent Your Car While You Are Away
There’s a new way for travelers to save on airport parking as well as make up to $10 a day in gas credits. FlightCar is a new service that lets travelers rent their vehicles out to other pre-screened travelers.  Founders of the company are former students from Harvard, Princeton... Read more
Join The Tribeca Film Festival With Your Best Vines
In the more than 10 years since the Tribeca Film Festival was founded, the event has given emerging and established directors the chance to have their work showcased to the rest of the world. From the exposure we’ve seen, it looks like the festival’s mission of helping “filmmakers reach... Read more
Twitter Will Hit $1.5 Billion in Ad Revenue in 2015
Twitter’s global ad revenue is increasing and is expected to hit new heights, according to a new estimate from eMarketer.  According to the estimate, Twitter’s ad revenue will almost reach $1 billion in 2014.  The numbers are much higher than previously expected. The reason for the huge increase in... Read more
Google Shopping Express Launches In San Francisco
Google Shopping Express has launched to the public in San Francisco and the Peninsula from San Mateo to San Jose. The same-day delivery program is still very much in beta testing but already includes an impressive lineup of retailers. Among the company’s first participants are Target, Walgreens, Staples, American Eagle,... Read more
Flipboard 2.0 Released
Current Flipboard users will flip for all of the new features that are included in Flipboard 2.0.  For those who are not familiar with the current version of Flipboard, it allows users to view content through magazine-style feeds.  The content can include a wide spectrum of things including items... Read more
How a Small Business Can Select the Right Linux OS for Desktops
With Microsoft being the leading desktop software for many generations, the introduction to Linux has been a little confusing for most businesses. Although many have tentatively peeked at Linux, more and more small businesses are deciding to adopt this new software for their desktops. However, before you head on... Read more
Tablet Sales May Surpass Desktop Sales This Year
Tablet sales are now gaining popularity with consumers. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), a market research and analysis firm specializing in consumer technology, tablet sales help drive overall growth in the global market of smart devices, as the market shifts toward a mobile setting. Tablet Growth, PC Decline... Read more
Linux Malware Used in Korean Cyber Attacks
Cyber attacks are getting more and more popular with each passing year. Since the advent of the internet, the digitalization of many aspects relating to various fields of the economy and business has become common. However, what was not common was the launch of specially targeted cyber attacks that... Read more
Samsung Registered The Most Mobile Patents In 2012
The Samsung Galaxy S IV was just announced and it is likely implementing never before seen patented technology. That’s because the electronics maker in 2012 registered more mobile patents than any other wireless device manufacturer. Based on 2012 numbers Samsung now controls more mobile patents than any other company... Read more
Hearthstone: The Online Card Game of Epic Proportions
Blizzard Entertainment is stepping out of its comfort zone, and for the first time, has set out to create a game that is much smaller in scale and more easily accessible than the company’s previous games, while maintaining the epic player experience that the company is so well known... Read more
Pandora For Windows Phone 8 With No Ads!
Music is the stuff that makes people feel better whatever they are going through. Good or bad times, it doesn’t matter. With the right kind of music, you can turn things around for the better. That’s why the music business will never die, instead, it just goes through waves... Read more
Proven: A Job Search App Proven to Help You Get a Job
More people are turning to their smartphones when looking for a job.  Proven is one such mobile app that allows people to apply for jobs directly from their smartphones.  Proven has just made the process a lot simpler for many folks with an update to its Android version.  The... Read more
Does Microsoft Have Multiple Personality Disorder?
Being able to meet customer satisfaction through customer support is one of the main reasons through which a company can garner success in the form of a loyal customer body. However, when said customers are being treated shoddily, it is more than likely that they will walk out the... Read more
The New York Disrupt 2013 Hackathon Event Nears
The New York TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon is almost here again.  This year’s Disrupt takes place April 27-28, at the Manhattan Center, Manhattan, New York.  Tickets to the 24 hour Hackathon are being released in batches due to high demand.  The all-inclusive general admission conference passes are currently available for... Read more