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This week’s collection of the top 5 trending videos doesn’t feature a common theme, though two of them are related to the same subject.... This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos

This week’s collection of the top 5 trending videos doesn’t feature a common theme, though two of them are related to the same subject. One thing is for sure though; all the videos are very enjoyable and a couple might even leave you laughing like anything. Fans of the TV series Game of Thrones would particularly enjoy the list below. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 videos trending on the internet this week.

This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos

The Game of Thrones Theme: In the Toilet

One of the most popular shows on TV, Game of Thrones is returning to the screens in a week’s time. With anticipation at its highest, German artist DJ Flula has released a video in which he plays the main theme of the show using five horns. That’s not all though, Flula has recorded the video in one take and in a toilet. In fact, the caption of the video states 5 horns and 5 toilets. It’s an interesting take on the theme tune of a much-loved show. DJ Flula manages to show off his artistry with a touch of humor.

The Game of Thrones Theme A Capella

Ramin Djawadi’s theme for the show seems to have caught on big time as another video featuring it is trending. This one is an A Capella version recorded by a single person, like Flula’s piece. The only difference is that there is no music whatsoever. The singer uses his voice to play the tune and does a great job of it. Once again, the video is infused with humor making it a great watch.

Babe Ruth vs. Lance Armstrong

Now, this is one contest hardly anyone would have ever thought of. Perhaps the most famous baseball player of all time against a disgraced former cycling champion is a battle to behold, but what are they fighting about? This video is part of the Epic Rap Battles series of online videos in which the makers take on the roles of the former sportsmen and rap. Like all videos in the series so far, this one is also fun to watch.

2-Year Old Is a Bedtime Bandit

In a Paranormal Activity inspired video, you can see what can be described as paranormal, or rather abnormal activity. A two-year old kid is seen picking the lock of his sister’s bedroom and taking out a pillow toy. On the way back, he removes all traces of him ever having done it. Unfortunately for him, his parents had set up a camera in the hallway to capture exactly this act. This is a video which would leave you baffled and smiling at the same time.

Pack of Wolves Howls Together in Sanctuary

A video which again displays vocal talent, but in this case of a pack of wolves, is shot in a sanctuary for rescued wolves. You can see how the wolves congregate on the same spot and then start howling. This does hold some reference to Game of Thrones which ardent fans would recognize. On the whole, this video is enthralling and holds a universal appeal.

[Image via fanpop]