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Microsoft wants all Windows 7 users to have the Service Pack 1. After announcing that they are discontinuing support for the Service Pack, Microsoft... Auto Updates for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Rolled Out

Microsoft wants all Windows 7 users to have the Service Pack 1. After announcing that they are discontinuing support for the Service Pack, Microsoft is going to launch it as an automatic update. This means that every Windows 7 user with a genuine copy of the operating system would receive the update in the near future. Of course, they have the option to prevent the update otherwise it would be installed automatically.

Automatic Updates for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Being Rolled Out

Despite the company’s repeated insistence, there are some users who aren’t yet using the patch. Microsoft wants the Windows 7 users to have it before they pull their support back. The Service Pack 1 is used primarily for fixing glitches and errors with the Windows 7 OS. Hence, any problems a user has to deal with can be repaired to a large extent through the Service pack 1. The entire process of rolling out the automatic update is expected to take a fortnight.

The official word has it that there are many flaws in Windows 7 which have to be dealt with properly. Installing the Service Pack 1 would be the first step towards optimizing your PC’s performance while also reducing the time it takes to boot. It is well known that preventing major issues from occurring can provide you a more stable PC usage experience as well as make your machine more reliable and durable. So, there seems to be no reason why a user would reject the automatic update.

Unless, of course, the user doesn’t own a genuine copy of Windows 7, or that he/she has been using an environment which would be tampered by installing the Service Pack 1. Not installing the Service Pack 1 would mean you cease the support for your copy of Windows 7. Microsoft is discontinuing the Service Packs but they will provide support for Windows 7 users, at least in the near future. So, if you want to continue enjoying Microsoft’s support, you have to install the patch.

Microsoft has already made it public that the support for the first generation Windows 7 users is going to end on 9th April this year. This means there are only a few weeks left before the operating system would be running on its own. The move to roll out Service Pack 1 updates gives the users a chance to extend the support provided by Microsoft till 13th January, 2015. This is available only to the users who have the Service Pack 1 on their PCs.

One thing to keep in mind is that the date has been given only for discontinuing mainstream support. Microsoft is still going to provide extended support which would continue till 2020. This way, users will be able to receive security updates but not much else. Still, support is support. So, it makes sense for you to download and install the Service Pack 1 on your computer or wait for Microsoft to do it for you automatically. If you are one of the almost 50% PC users running Windows 7, get the Service Pack 1.

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