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Over the past few months, Dropbox was focused on targeting mobile users. Several changes and updates were made to the cloud storage service to... Dropbox Gets a Makeover

Over the past few months, Dropbox was focused on targeting mobile users. Several changes and updates were made to the cloud storage service to make it ideal for using on mobile devices. Their attempts to capture the market caused their attention to divert from the desktop users. As a result, there were some murmurs that the original Dropbox desktop client is becoming outdated but the company is not interested in working towards upgrading it since they want the mobile users.

Dropbox Gets a Makeover

Well that is now a thing of the past. Dropbox has come out with a new version of its desktop client, complete with a design makeover. Users won’t be able to recognize that this is the same cloud storage service which they had been using previously. The most obvious changes are the ones made to the design of the program. There is no doubt that the folks over at Dropbox have tried their best to make the application as user-friendly and eye-catching as possible.

You will notice the new graphical flair evident on first view. Also, the features and options have been streamlined to make it easier for users to access them. This will also allow new users to learn to operate the service without any hassle. In addition, the Dropbox 2.0 update brings with it an upgraded sharing process. Sharing files with other Dropbox users is easier than ever, making this a giant stride for the cloud storage service towards targeting enterprise users.

Dropbox Gets a Makeover

The original version of Dropbox had a fairly spartan menu but now it has been redesigned to include more features. This gives it a more dense appearance. It is one of the things you will notice immediately after firing up the program on your computer. Despite the update, the menu is still uncluttered and doesn’t appear messy at all. However, the menu has been redesigned at the cost of several other features which have been pushed into the background.

Dropbox users are quite used to seeing the ticker which shows them how much space they have left in their account at a single click. Now, it has been removed from the plain view and you have to make some effort in order to find it. There is no doubt that the new menu is visually appealing and a refreshing change from the previous design. Yet, they should have ensured it does not affect any of the important features of the service.

You will notice that most of the space on the menu has been taken up by the sharing options. As mentioned before, Dropbox has upgraded the sharing capabilities making it easier for users to share files and other data. You only need to click one to share a file. Plus, you will be notified automatically whenever any user shares a file with you. The revamped version of Dropbox is available for download to all users.

However, there is a drawback for Linux users. They can download the desktop client and start using it but they won’t be able to view the redesigned menu. Though they will have access to the new features, the design of their desktop client would be the same as ever.

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