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There is a new kind of camper for people who like the idea of camping but may not like the idea of a vacation... Glamping in 2013

There is a new kind of camper for people who like the idea of camping but may not like the idea of a vacation without creature comforts.  If you love nature and enjoy getting out in the wilderness, but don’t have the desire to pitch a tent and sleep on the ground, then you probably prefer glamping.  One such luxury camper, The Opera, is taking glamping to the next level.

Glamping in 2013

The Opera is essentially a mobile designer suite.  The camper looks like any other camper, that is, until it is unfolded.  Once unfolded, it is designed to look like the Sydney Opera House. The camper’s beautifully built top folds also open to create a back deck.  The effect created by the design of The Opera is that of a modern look that can also blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings.  The Opera also boasts a multi-functional outdoor kitchen.  The outdoor kitchen includes modular elements that can be turned into a charcoal or gas barbeque, a two-pit stove, or a beech wood cutting board.

Glamping in 2013

But why eat outside when you have the luxury of the interior of The Opera?  The interior features a kitchen that is equipped with a top loading refrigerator and a stainless steel sink with a mixer faucet and pull out faucet head. The interior is also equipped with a bathroom, two beds, and storage space.  The beds provide more than an alternative to sleeping on the ground.  Equipped with mattresses that are adjustable for comfort, the beds are also easily reconfigured from two separate beds into a double.

Glamping in 2013

The Opera is perhaps not for everyone.  Its price alone would perhaps keep the typical camper away.  However, if you are looking for luxury and comfort, but also want everything that the camping experience entails, then The Opera is for you.  Happy glamping.

[Images via mocoloco]