Google Now could arrive for Apple iPhone and Apple iPad devices, but only if the tech giant agrees to support the new Google platform that allows for deep user integration.

Speaking at the Google Tent Summit in India the Google Executive specifically addressed last weeks rumor from Engadget which featured a video of the platform running on iOS.

During an interview with Techmeme Editor Mahendra Palsule the Google executive was asked about bringing Google Now to iOS to which he replied “You’ll need to discuss that with Apple.” Eric Schmidt continued, “Apple has a policy of approving or disapproving apps that are submitted into its store, and some of them they approve and some of them they don’t.”

Google Now For iOS - Erich Schmidt Says Apple Must Decide

We have heard that type of unsure corporate speak from Google in the past. When Apple Maps debuted the search giant said it wasn’t sure if Apple would approve its standalone Google Maps application. Ultimately Apple Maps’ complete failure led to a new and improved version of Google Maps.

Engadget’s video for the iOS based version seemed impressive. The video showcases a user swiping up within the company’s search app to activate Google Now features. The demo included traffic commute information, live updates for flights, translation and conversion services and other info. Essentially the Google Now iOS app appears to act just like the Android 4.2.x version.

Whether Google attempts to integrate Google Now inside of its search app or leave it as a standalone feature, it is an application that Apple will likely closely examine before approving or denying its use.

While Eric Schmidt did not confirm the creation of a Google Now iOS app, he also didn’t deny the claim which has us crossing our fingers for a positive outcome.

Would you like to use the Google Now app on your iPhone or iPad?

[Image via businessinsider]