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There have been incessant rumors that Microsoft has ceased producing Service Packs. It is widely believed that the Service Pack 1 for Windows 7,... Microsoft Continues With Hotfix Rollups for Windows 7

There have been incessant rumors that Microsoft has ceased producing Service Packs. It is widely believed that the Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, which was released half a decade back, is the only one for the previous generation of the Windows operating system. However, the company has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, which is adding fuel to the fire. Unless Microsoft makes an official statement, the rumors are going to grow and become more widespread.

Microsoft Continues With Hotfix Rollups for Windows 7

Whatever the Windows’ watches and critics may believe, Microsoft is continuing to release Hotfix rollups for Windows 7 SP1. This has changed the perception of the industry insiders to a certain extent, making them comment that just because there aren’t new service packs being released doesn’t mean Microsoft wouldn’t provide an alternative. The Hotfix rollups perform virtually the same function, which is rectifying existing issues and errors on Windows 7 computers.

A recently released Hotfix rollup deals with no less than 90 different issues. According to the official statement, some of the issues have existed since the Service Pack was first released, back in 2008. The issues are present in the Windows Server 2008 R2 as well as the average Windows 7 devices. The users can thus use the Service Pack 1 in addition to the Hotfix rollups to deal with the problems they encounter while using their computers.

Given the fact that Windows 7 hasn’t suffered a dip in popularity even with the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has decided to ensure the existing Windows 7 users enjoy a better experience. Reports have shown that Windows 7 is a popular platform for PC users and Microsoft seems to have acknowledged that. The rollups will tune-up the performance of the computers and contain updated system files. The latest version of a majority of the system files was launched after SP1 was released.

This means that many of the issues which have existed since before the Service Pack 1 would now be taken care of. Users simply need to access the Microsoft Update Catalog to get the rollups and download them to their computers. The team which developed the rollups believes that the Hotfix rollups would help boot the computers quicker. However the same cannot be said for IT professionals as they would have to test all the 90 hotfixes included in the rollups to ensure they have been applied.

The official title for the rollups is the Slow Boot, Slow Login (SBSL) Hotfix rollup. Not only will the rollup improve the speed of the PCs but also make it more reliable and durable. Therefore, Windows 7 don’t need to think about getting a new computer any time in the near future. Improvements have been made to the offline folders and files, the Distributed File System Namespaces (DFSN) client and the SMB client. Also, Microsoft has enhanced the Group Policy on Windows 7 through this rollup.

There are many rumors regarding upcoming Microsoft products, including Windows Blue and the next generation operating system, the Windows 9.

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