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Microsoft is the last company you’d think about when it comes to making televisions but they have created one. And it’s not just another... Microsoft Has 120-Inch TV Up Its Sleeve

Microsoft is the last company you’d think about when it comes to making televisions but they have created one. And it’s not just another TV. It is a gigantic 120-inch TV set! Once again, Microsoft has gone where no company has gone before. The sheer size of the TV makes it the largest in the world. However, the TV has been made specifically for use by the company itself. There are next to no chances that it would be made available commercially at any time in the future.

Microsoft TV

According to the reports coming from the Redmond based company, the television has been made as part of envisioning the ‘home of the future’. It will become part of the presentation created by Microsoft to demonstrate how they perceive technology to change homes in the future. The demo will be on display at the Envisioning Centre for the company which was opened quite recently in Seattle at their headquarters.

The specs of the TV offer a tempting proposition. There is much more to it than just a 10-feet size. It is a widescreen television with 4K functionality. What this means is that Samsung no longer holds the distinction of having the largest 4KTV in the world. With the 4K picture quality, viewers don’t see any pixelation even if they sit close to the screen. The visuals are crystal-clear from whichever angle you decide to watch it.

It is used to play a demo which makes use of Kinect to preview the home and workplace of the future. The company believes that such technology would be widely available within the next five years or so. In the demo, Microsoft shows the different technologies and devices it expects the TV to be connected to. This includes picture frames added to the sides of the TV to enlarge the image. Also, they believe that lights would become part of the TV in the future which would enhance the overall experience.

There is no doubt that 4K is the ‘in’ thing now as far as televisions are concerned. Many of the leading TV makers in the world are working on creating bigger and better models using the technology. However, no TV even comes close to the size of Microsoft’s TV. The CES held in January this year provided a sneak peek into the TVs of the future. At that time, there wasn’t any indication that Microsoft had a giant of a TV up its sleeve which gives it an edge over other 4K TVs.

So far the company has absolutely no plans to sell the TV. The only reason they decided to create it was for research and for showing their future vision to their partners. It would be some time before the Microsoft employees are able to witness this marvel of technology although reports suggest that the person in charge of the display is trying to get a movie night going. Even if Microsoft has no plans of selling their 120-inch TV, it wouldn’t be a surprise if some makers contacted them about the technology.

[Image via microsoft-news]