There is nothing quite like fresh herbs and spices to help you when striving to turn from a mediocre cook into a talented chef. Unfortunately, not many of us have access to freshly cut herbs or have the necessary space to plant their own little garden. This is where the Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden comes in!

The Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden lets you grow your own spices indoors, without almost any intervention necessary. It uses a water reservoir, plant seed cartridges and a light source and does all the monitoring necessary itself. You just have to plug it in, add water and the device will take care of all the rest.

Click & Grow Smart Garden: Fresh Herbs Year-Round

The appliance was developed by a Palo Alto, U.S. registered company which has a Research & Development lab in Estonia. A first prototype was released successfully a while back and the manufacturer has now put an upgraded version up on Kickstarter.

The second generation device is provided with a LED light, which allows it to be used in absolutely any room of your house. The manufacturer says the LED lights used for this project were specifically designed so as not to harm the eye or make the plants look unnatural. World leading LED experts worked on this technology, which gives plants the light they need to grow healthy and only requires 6 watts of energy.

While the initial device only allowed users to grow one plant, this new model can grow up to three different plants at once. The Click & Grow smart garden comes with included cartridges for basil, lemon balm and thyme. Refill cartridges for mini tomatoes, peppermint, chili pepper, spinach, lettuce and others are also available.

The crowdfunding campaign has already exceeded its $75,000 goal and the manufacturer is looking to start production as soon as possible. The Smart Herb Garden will be sold for a retail price of $79, which, we believe, is a small price to pay to get wonderful fresh herbs year-round!

[Image via Thenestway]