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So April 1st seems to bring out the best and worst in all of us. When it comes to being the creator, or victim,... Internet April Fools 2013

So April 1st seems to bring out the best and worst in all of us. When it comes to being the creator, or victim, April Fools’ jokes, pranks and mischief, most of us have had at least some experience.  Much of the debauchery today can be found on the internet. Here’s a few of this year’s pranks. Were you one of the gullible victims?


Anyone who would like to send out a tweet must sign up to pay $5 per month if they would like to use vowels in their messages. However, if you are happy with the consonants, Twitter will still be free to use.

Google Nose

Google introduced Google Nose — an element that allows users to search for smells. As part of the prank, Google offers a button that could send out the scent of anything from car exhaust to wet dog.  The application asks the user to get closer to their computer while the scent is being created and emitted.  This service is still in Beta format for testing purposes.

Youtube’s 8 year competition ends

Youtube announced that after an 8 year competition, it would shut down the website (ironically on April 1st) to announce the winner.    And the site would remain down for ten years and reappear with only one video- the contest winner.  Youtube also created a video to announce and promote the contest and encourage any last minute amatuer videographers to submit their final opportunity at Youtube immortality.

Virgin’s glass bottomed plane

Multi Billionaire Richard Branson proudly announced the Virgin Corporation latest endeavor; the world’s first glass-bottomed plane. Virgin Atlantic’s Innovation team seems to have been secretly working on modifying an A320 aircraft which will fly between London and Aberdeen.  Many passengers may now opt to taking an aisle seat so they can get a better view of their flight.

virgin glass bottom plane

Gmail Blue

And finally Gmail has announced that after 6 years of work, Gmail Blue is now available.  Project Manager Richard Pargo says that one of the biggest challenges is, “How do we completely redesign and recreate something, while keeping it exactly the same. “  The distinct advantage with Gmail Blue is that everything is in blue, the words, the icons, the background, all in blue.

[Image via virgin]