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With more powerful PCs and laptops being introduced, a large portion of the new software launched in the market is targeted for these machines.... Lubuntu Ideal for Old PCs

With more powerful PCs and laptops being introduced, a large portion of the new software launched in the market is targeted for these machines. Users with old PCs have often eyed this new desktop software and then moved on with a heavy heart. For whatever reason an old PC is kept, often times it just does not have the power or capacity to function properly with all the new software that is being introduced. This results in a lot of PCs either being abandoned or a lot of software getting ignored in the market and losing possible consumers.

Lubuntu Ideal for Old PCs

However, users can finally breathe a sigh of relief and dust off their old PCs since it seems that Canonical has not forgotten about them. Aimed particularly at PCs that do not have the processing power for heavy duty software, Canonical has launched a lightweight flavor of Ubuntu named Lubuntu, which promises to make the slowest of PCs provide optimal performance in a way which was never thought possible before.

Like many other Linux ‘distros’ the Lubuntu can be downloaded free of cost. Unfortunately, it also embodies the less than user-friendly qualities of the other Linux distros. Luckily, the Lubuntu works and operates in a manner which is familiar to Windows so users of Windows won’t have many problems switching their software. If you’re wondering why you shouldn’t just go ahead and get Ubuntu instead, here’s why:

  • Lubuntu or Light Ubuntu’s user interface features the LightweightX11 Desktop Environment also known as the LXDE.
  • Lubuntu utilizes minimal LXDE and incorporates light applications while personifying and presenting features from Linux and Ubuntu.
  • With focus being given largely on the need for energy efficiency and speed, Lubuntu has low requirements for hardware as compared to others.
  • As compared to Ubuntu which requires half of the disk space, the installation space required for Lubuntu is also kept in accordance with the limitations of older hardware and the installation space required comes to roughly one third of the disk space.
  • Lubuntu requires less memory space as compared to Ubuntu.

With these features and more Lubuntu offers the perfect solution to owners of old PC’s who have chosen to retire their machines rather than get  new ones. The lightweight nature and fast processing of the software enables it to pick up the slack and enhance the overall nature of old hardware’s performance. Users need not worry that the Lubuntu will omit any features of Ubuntu. Belonging to the Ubuntu family, it successfully incorporates all the important features of Ubuntu and allows users to download different applications.

This version of the Linux and Ubuntu has received great responses from owners who have despaired from their aging hardware. Often times, older machines have little to no re-sale value and end up either getting trashed or remain in one spot, collecting dust. Lubuntu allows users to recycle and reuse their PCs in a more economical manner. While not promising any miracles, you can at least use your old PC as a secondary system to fall back on in case of emergencies.

[Image via alandmoore]