If you’re a fan of cycling and often go out biking at night, you surely must have heard of Revolights, an innovative LED bike lighting system which was first launched in 2011 and has enjoyed tremendous success. The Northern California startup has now returned with Revolights City, which proposes that LED lights be directly incorporated into the bike wheels.

The original Revolights were hailed as being more efficient than standard lights and reflectors, making bicycles more visible at nighttime and thus reducing the risk of traffic accidents. But the lighting system was rather hard to install and required bikers to mount the LED ring to their wheels with clips.

Revolights: Built-in LED Lighting Keeps Bikers Safe

Based on users’ feedback, the Revolights team came up with an improved version of their system: bike wheels with built-in LED lights. The system completely eliminates the need for installation of any extra parts, and the possibility of users being bothered by the noises the initial LED rings made. With this built-in feature, users will no longer have to worry that their lights may get stolen or fall off.

Both the original and the built-in version of the LED system come with removable lithium-ion batteries which can be charged via USB. The battery packs can last for about four hours of lighting. An integrated accelerometer and a magnet mounted on the fork determine when the lights need to be turned on.

The developers have returned to Kickstarter for the Revolights City project and have already surpassed their goal of $14,500. For a $217 pledge, backers can receive a front wheel, while a rear wheel is handed out for $229 and a full set goes for $399. Backers who pledge $1,363 or $1,850 will be given one of two bicycle models developed by Revolights together with San Francisco-based Mission Bicycle Company.

The company expects to raise enough funds to be able to start shipping the wheels with incorporated LED lights this summer, both across the United States and internationally.

Lights from luis peña on Vimeo.

[Image via lockedcog]