The hype and rumors surrounding Windows Blue have reached fever pitch. It is fast becoming a hot topic of discussion among Microsoft’s fans and critics alike. The funny thing is that not much is known about the Windows Blue so far. The speculation is more or less based entirely on some screenshots and some insider remarks. Other than that, not much is known about Windows Blue and what it is. Yet, some prominent web experts have commented that it could sound the death knell for Windows PCs.

What Does Windows Blue Mean for Windows PCs?

Microsoft hasn’t exactly kept Blue under wraps. They are quite willing to talk about it and answer questions. However, they haven’t actually revealed any details which could help people learn more about it. Somehow the scant evidence available so far has people convinced that Microsoft may be ditching PCs for good. Ironically, the remarks which are being considered ‘evidence’ were made by a blogger known for his anti-Microsoft rants. The argument stands on thin ice, to say the least.

When one thinks about it rationally, the mere idea that Microsoft will ditch PCs seems absurd. There are five other points which show that Windows PCs are here to stay despite Windows Blue.

The Investment Already Made

Microsoft has invested billions of dollars into developing its Windows OS for desktop environment. Not to forget the massive efforts put in by the developers, programmers, engineers, etc. To give up on PCs would mean discrediting the investment which has been made so far by the company. There may come a time when desktops are no longer useful but that day is at least a decade away. For now, the Windows PCs are going nowhere.

The Corporate Customers

Microsoft relies hugely on its corporate customers for the revenue it generates year after year. Most businesses still use PCs because of the cost-effectiveness and ease of use. If Microsoft reverses its stance on Windows PCs because of Windows Blue, a lucrative revenue stream will be closed.

The OEMs

The corporate customers are not the only ones who are going to be up in arms at the thought of Microsoft giving up on PCs. The original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that make the devices which run on Windows OS are also valuable stakeholders Microsoft cannot afford to disappoint.

The Windows RT

Microsoft already has ventured away from the conventional desktops through Windows RT. One shouldn’t forget that Windows RT was launched at almost the same time as Windows 8. Yet, Windows 8 has consistently outsold it. It is ridiculous to think that Microsoft is going to bank on Windows RT which has sold maybe a couple of million copies as against Windows 8 which has sold around 60 million.

The Desktop Programs

There are over four million desktop programs which are designed for and run on the Windows platform. Without having the OS to run on, the programs and apps are virtually useless. There is no way Microsoft is going to abandon them anytime soon.

These are five points that clearly show that Windows PCs are here to stay despite Windows Blue.

[Image via windowsbleu]