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When big companies launch into the horse race of attracting the public audience, the users of their products either benefit through amazing deals and... Windows 8 May Cut Off Gmail Users

When big companies launch into the horse race of attracting the public audience, the users of their products either benefit through amazing deals and products that provide stellar services or they can be caught in-between and feel the squeeze as the consumers of Microsoft and Google are feeling these days. A tit for tat battle has been raging on for quite some time between these two industrial giants. However, the recent launch of Windows 8 really takes the cake here.

Users might be unable to gain access to their Gmail accounts owing to the fact that Google recently dropped their Google Sync support from the widely used Microsoft Exchange Active Sync (EAS) and instead opted to offer IMAP, CardDAV, CalDAV for its users. This move is seen as a part of the ensuing tiff between Google and Microsoft. Although it was hoped that peace would reign again when Google offered support for EAS, by choosing to redact this support just before the launch of Windows 8, Google once again poked Microsoft in the eye.

Windows 8 May Cut Off Gmail Users

Gmail continues to support EAS for its existing users while giving new users the option of getting a paid Google Apps account if they wish to utilize the EAS. Nonetheless, it was wondered how Microsoft would respond to this since it provides no support for CardDAV and CalDAV while these services receive native support from Apple and Google itself.

Seeking revenge, Microsoft decided to show Google how strongly it felt about this decision by enabling only IMAP but providing no support for the CardDAV which syncs the calendar and the CalDAV which is responsible for syncing the contacts for Gmail users. Having access to e-mail but not being able to get their contacts is a rather frustrating development for Windows 8 users.

Moreover, Microsoft’s shunning methods are not only limited towards new Gmail users. Older users who have EAS support and other Google apps are also said to be locked out from the Windows 8. If choosing to file or report the error with Microsoft, users are provided with the following message:

‘In light of Google’s decision to change its support for EAS, we are now using IMAP for those customers who wish to connect to their Gmail accounts. More information on how to synchronize Google services on your Windows or Windows RT device is available here.’

Unfortunately, many people feel that by opting for this step, Microsoft is cutting its own nose off to spite Google, since Google, Gmail and other Google related apps could provide Microsoft with a wider consumer database. With Windows 8 already proving to be so un-neutral towards other apps, consumers are having more and more difficulty in using Windows 8.

However, users who are paying for the use of EAS in Google will be sorely disappointed and disgruntled by Microsoft’s blatant disregard of the presence of the syncing component. At the time being, no solutions are forth coming and it looks like both companies are determined to keep shooting out of malfunctioning rifles; they may be injuring the enemy but they’re getting dealt some serious blows themselves by the weapon they choose to fire with.

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