Are you ready to buy a USB drive based PC? A new rumor suggests that Dell will begin shipping its Project Ophelia PC in July 2013.

The thumb-sized USB drive contains Google Android’s mobile operating system and plugs directly into any HDTV with a HDMI (and possibly USB according to Dell’s press release) slot.

Project Ophelia was unveiled at CES 2013 and the company is expected to showcase the Project Ophelia device again at the Citrix Synergy conference in Los Angeles.

Dell Thumb Sized PC

Ophelia is capable of running Android games and apps and the device can also stream video content from Hulu, Netflix, and other online content providers.

The Dell Ophelia will also ship with Wyse’s PocketCloud which allows users to access content that has been stored on their PCs, servers, and mobile devices.

The new thumb-sized PC will first ship to developers in June and then open up to buyer in August according to a rumor at PCWorld.

The Dell Ophelia will first be made available to cable companies and telecom providers who will offer the devices with cable and data plans. Following the devices release by its content partnerships Dell will then begin selling the Ophelia for $100 via the website.

Dell Project Ophelia to Ship in July [Rumor]

Dell also plans to sell the Dell Ophelia via its B2B division. The company hopes to offer Project Ophelia as a “thin client computer” for enterprise customers.

The new device has drawn its fair share of controversy. Originally Michael Dell claimed he needed to take Dell private so the company could focus on innovations such as the Dell Ophelia. Michael Dell claims that shareholders and the company’s private listing has slowed innovation.

Other rumors have pointed at an eventual version fo the Dell Ophelia that allows users to access Windows and Mac OS platforms.

Do you think the Dell Ophelia will ultimately be a success for the consumer and business sectors or a complete failure that has arrived too late in the mobility game?

[Images via Electronista & ugeeky]