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Rumours for the next iPhone are flying around, with much speculation surrounding when it will be released and what the new features will be.... iPhone 6 Rumours And News

Rumours for the next iPhone are flying around, with much speculation surrounding when it will be released and what the new features will be.

Perhaps the first question to consider is what will the next model be? Some say the iPhone 5S will be released first and the iPhone 6 next year, in line with Apple’s current releasing trend. However, in April there were reports that Foxconn added 10,000 assembly line workers each week to its Zhengzhou plant ready for the IPhone 6 release date, sparking rumours that the iPhone 6 could also be expected this year. One thing seems certain, expect a new model soon!

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Will the new iPhone have a plastic case?

With competition hotting up from other handset manufacturers, Apple have got their work cut out keeping up with new and interesting features.  One rumour is that Apple are working on a plastic case, with a possible feature of being able to see the internal metal working parts. Whether this is for the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 6 remains to be seen.

So here a few of the reliable ( and not so reliable!) things we may or may not see in the next iPhone.

  • Processor – The quad-core A7 processor is set to replace the current A6. Although more powerful, it will be more efficient and this should improve the battery life.
  • Eye-Tracking – As more and more vendors move towards using eye-tracking devices, it makes sense that Apple will work on including this feature too.
  • Camera – For those of you who love snapping photos, the new 13 megapixel sensor will take up less room but still provide the same quality of image.
  • Screen – The Retina+ Sharp IGZO display should have a 1080p Full HD resolution.
  • NFC – Many of the current Android phones have NFC. Michael Barrett (PayPal’s chief information security officer) said in a recent keynote speech: ” There is going to be a fingerprint enabled phone on the market later this year”. Is he talking about the iPhone 6?!
  • iOS 7 – It is expected that iOS 7 will be released in September or October which means the iPhone 6 is certain to run it.  Apple is also promising to give developers “an in-depth look at what’s next in iOS and OS X”. Although this may appeal to new iOS users, it could put off older iPhone users.
  • 3d – Speculation over the iPhone 6 having 3d refuses to go away. However, the jury is still out on whether it is a desired feature or not. If you’re not bothered about watching 3d movies on your smart phone, is it really necessary?

Some unreliable sources on the net have also suggested that the iPhone 6 will come with a two-size handset option, a 4.8 inch display and that the touchscreen could even be transparent. Although these sound great, we will have to see if these ever materialise!

Have you got any iPhone 6 rumours to share? What features are you especially looking forward to? Tell us your comments below!

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