One of the most noticeable changes Microsoft made to the Windows operating system in the latest version, Windows 8, was the absence of the Start button. For years, the Start button has been a constant fixture of the Windows desktop environment. Traditionally, the Start button enabled the users to see the Start menu which features the programs and applications they could start up and use. If you were missing the Start button, you might not have to wait too long for it to return to the Windows OS.

Microsoft May Bring Back the Start Button

There are strong rumors that Microsoft is looking to add the Start button to the upcoming Windows 8.1. Previously known as Windows Blue, version 8.1 is going to take their operating system to the next level. The addition of the Start button probably means that Microsoft has given into public demand and is bringing it back. However, that is where the good news ends. Microsoft is only considering bring back the Start button but not in its full functionality.

The Start button would only be used for accessing the Start Screen. This means that you won’t be able to view the elaborate Start menu characteristic of previous Windows’ versions. So, Windows might bring the Start button back but not the entire experience associated with it. However, this is hardly a cause for concern. After all, Windows users won’t change their operating systems just because of a Start Button.

When Microsoft first announced that the traditional Start button had been done away with, it did cause some controversy. The Start button made using Windows much easier, especially for new users. Its absence on the Windows 8 platform increased the effort a user had to put in to learn how to work. The Windows flag replaced the Start button. Coming to think of it, the new rumored Start button is going to perform the same function as the flag does, i.e. giving you access to the Start screen.

Originally, before Windows 8 was launched, Microsoft had said that the company had used feedback gathered from the Customer Experience Improvement Program when deciding to remove the Start button. The reversal in stance also seems to be on the back of user feedback. You would still have to wait until the first public preview of Windows 8.1 is revealed later in the year. Since Windows 8.1 is going to hit the markets before the end of the year, it shouldn’t be long before this news is confirmed.

[Image via huffingtonpost]