Sick of having to put up with traffic jams, angry drivers or frustrated fellow commuters cramming in a packed bus, day after day? A new urban transportation vehicle, the MUVe folding scooter, is here to help you forget all about your worries.

MUVe, short for My Urban Vehicle project, was designed by Israeli-native Amir Zaid, who previously worked with giant carmakers such as Fiat and Ferrari. When they began working on the project, Zaid and co-founder Benny Shimon intended to create a light, easy to maneuver electric scooter for short commuter rides, such as from home to the train station or from a downtown parking lot to the office. And they succeeded.

MUVe folding scooter

MUVe is a three-wheeled electric scooter that can reinvent urban transport by being very easy to use and carry around. What makes this vehicle more appealing than others is that it can easily be folded into the shape of a suitcase and thus be carried around effortlessly. When it is folded out, the MUVe stands 29 inches (73cm) tall. When folded into the trolley mode, the vehicle will be only about 14 inches (35 cm) tall. Manufacturers are currently working on a design that will keep the maximum weight of the scooter at less than 33 lbs (15 kilos).

The electric scooter is equipped with a 36 V motor that allows a maximum speed of 16 mph (about 25 km/h). It can be powered by an 8 Ah or 14 Ah LI-ion battery, which will allow it to run for 18.6 miles (30km) on a full charge. The battery can be recharged from any ordinary 110-220 volt wall socket.

The MUVe is easy to steer and comfortable to ride, users just having to turn the handlebars to change direction. Manufacturers are planning a series of new features for when they begin mass production: boosting the current double disc braking system, improved seating and lighting options, a bag mount for storage and others. There are also plans to develop a smartphone app which can be used to gather performance data and even remotely activate the scooter’s folding mechanism.

MUVe Folding Scooter Reinvents Urban Transport

Zaid and his partner Shimon are currently trying to secure the necessary investments to be able to manufacture a limited number of MUVe folding scooters by the end of the year. The vehicle is expected to cost between $2,000 (the basic version) and $3,000 (premium model with extra features).

[Images via MUVe & Gizmag]