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This week’s selection of the top 5 trending videos is all about having fun. There is some element of humor in each video and... This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos

This week’s selection of the top 5 trending videos is all about having fun. There is some element of humor in each video and you would surely have a good time watching them. The videos include the President riding a bike, Cheech and Chong trying pot and Will Wheaton. Enough said? Without further ado, here are the top 5 videos currently making the rounds on the internet.

This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos

The White House Has a Vine Account

Finally, the White House set up a Vine account. The Twitter video sharing service has been lapped up by one and all so it was surprising that the President’s team took so long to get there. What is funny about this is the video they have posted. The first video on their Vine features the President riding a bike. The only thing is that it is no ordinary cycle, rather a water filtration system that is powered by the bike. It is only a short clip but it enables you to see the lighter side of Mr. Obama.

Cheech and Chong Get High

4/20 get famous comedian duo Cheech and Chong to take their stoner test. Cheech and Chong are known for starring in stoner comedies so it is funny watching them get high and then try to answer the questions put in front of them. You will surely have a good time seeing how they perform on the stoner test.

YouTuber’s Mom Explains The Matrix

Virtually everyone has seen The Matrix. Apparently, not everyone interpreted in quite the same way. This can be said for the mom of one YouTuber, pixelspersecond, who got his mother to explain the plot and her experience of the movie. You will find this interesting take on the uber popular movie funny and enjoyable as pixelspersecond’s mom tries to make sense of the dense storyline of the movie. You will see her forgetting characters’ names and even questioning the sexual orientation of Neo!

Will Wheaton: Nerd Personified

Will Wheaton is a nerd and proud of it. He has been part of TV shows and movies that make him a bonafide nerd favorite. Recently at the Calgary Comic Expo, the mother of a newborn girl asked Wheaton to explain to her daughter why it is so awesome to be a nerd. That seemed to be the cue for Will to launch into a four-minute diatribe, all of which was recorded and has been uploaded online. So if you want to know why being a nerd is awesome, check this video out.

Vending Machine Prank in Las Vegas

Popular prankster Stuart Edge finally gets out of Utah for a prank. This time he hits the Vegas Strip with friends and an empty vending machine. Watch how people get the shock of their lives when they try to use the vending machine and a hand comes out. Needless to say, it is another mission accomplished for Edge and his crew. This is surely the funniest video posted online over the past week or so.


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