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The idea of cloud computing and data storage is a relatively new idea. Any business that provides this service is considered an advanced business.... Linux SUSE Offers Big Data Solutions

The idea of cloud computing and data storage is a relatively new idea. Any business that provides this service is considered an advanced business. Processing ‘big data’ requires more advanced considerations in order to ensure large data storage.

With businesses expanding rapidly they have to deal with large volumes of data. This is particularly the case with enterprises that can have extremely vast amounts of data. Storing as well as processing their data is a huge task that requires robust support. SUSE Linux is believed to be one of the best systems for this purpose, and it has now started gaining widespread market popularity.

Linux SUSE Offers Big Data Solutions

SUSE Linux is a Leader in Big Data Storage and Processing

SUSE Linux is one of the operating systems built on Linux. It supports ‘big data ‘ storage and processing. However, while most people did not know about Linux’s aspirations for delving into cloud computing technologies, this service is now known by the public.

Linux SUSE Offers Big Data Solutions

The fact that consumers will now have big data storage means that there is one more big name added to the list of service providers. Some time back, you would never have imagined including SUSE Linux to a list of top competitors in big data. Today, after realizing their position, it will certainly be placed among the top most competitors.

SUSE was quite a widely used distro back in the 1990s, and no one would have guessed that it reached this far.

The Biggest Names in IT Use SUSE Linux

Today, the IT industry’s biggest names have partnered with SUSE to deliver big data solutions in a number of innovative ways. The major industry names include SAP, Hortonworks, Teradata, Cloudera, WANdisco, Intel and InterSystems Corporation.

One of the biggest problems that businesses have faced is the ability to combine big data with the previously popular RDBMS data sources. However, this is now being resolved with SUSE thanks to its long experience in establishing strategic partnerships. They have focused on high-performance as well as making themselves easily available, and this makes SUSE a great basis for businesses to select big data solutions.

SUSE Linux Stands Among the Best in the Industry

Since the information about SUSE Linux became popular recently, many believe that SUSE has recently gotten a good name in the industry. Contrary to this, SUSE has been a top-performer in its domain of operation. It has proved itself to many big names in the IT industry.

Companies are very serious about SUSE Linux as their top choice for handling their data. As an example, Teradata chose SUSE Linux Enterprise in 2005 as its exclusive open source operating system. This is basically because of the company’s enterprise-class data warehouse offerings. The best part about this is that no one knew. There wasn’t a clue that SUSE was carving out a name for itself among the industry’s top performing businesses.

SUSE is only just taking off. It is already considered a top performer with years ahead in the IT industry. It has indeed become the trend setter and a benchmark for other companies of its kind who wish to participate in the competition.

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