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Windows 8 has been designed so that users can have an awesome experience with the touch effect. This is one of the reasons driving... The Windows 8 Touch Experience

Windows 8 has been designed so that users can have an awesome experience with the touch effect. This is one of the reasons driving the excitement in lieu of the wide range of touch-based systems operating with Windows 8.

Spreading the Touch-screen Experience

Customers have been used to using the touch effect on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets, but customers find the idea of using this feature with a laptop completely new.

The Windows 8 Touch Experience

The same feature will be an entirely new experience for those using the desktop too, provided that these users have touch-enabled screens.

With a touch-enabled display such as the experience you have with Dell’s S2340T, users have a more intuitive and more in-depth experience. Many people have questions about how Windows planned to bring this to its users. However, Microsoft has never been a stranger to the idea of innovation.

Inevitable Innovation Microsoft’s Part

So the touch-experience is something that Microsoft was bound to start working with. Introducing new computing and interesting experiences for all customers meant that the idea would soon catch on.

Windows 8 is recognized for its support for other inputs devices including the mouse and keyboard, and while the touch-screen feature is available, there are always options around as well.

Windows carries on working with hardware manufacturers in order to make sure that the new PCs and tablets that they produce carry the latest innovations. This is the way Windows can ensure that users can make use of the features that it has created for them in Windows 8.

Windows 8 touch experience enables hardware innovation

Quite clearly, when there is a technology available, manufacturers know that there has to be hardware compatible for smooth operation. Coordination within the industry is of immense importance. Therefore, when a technology like the touch-screen effect is introduced, the company that develops it will have to convey this to hardware manufacturers.

Microsoft Had to Make Coordination Top Priority

For the Windows 8 touch-screen experience, Microsoft had to consider everything that they possibly could in order to bring this experience to their users. Windows also had to consider the next generation of chip sets, the app store, an array of components and the developer platform.

Windows 8 Market Presence and Customer Experience with the Touch Capability

Windows 8 has experienced a boom in awareness and interest. This is with both, the OS as well as the new tablets and PCs. Around 100 million Windows 8 licenses have been sold and store app downloads have numbered 250 million for the first 6 months.

These figures point to outstanding progress and speak volumes of what is to come. Microsoft is pleased with the progress that Windows 8 has received. This is despite the criticism that Windows 8 has received. However, the company has been positive about it and has taken it in its stride to come up with solutions for an improved user experience. Windows 8 is expected to bounce back with Windows 8.1 which will propose solutions that will help to deliver a better user experience.

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