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Going over the plans that Microsoft has for Windows 8 can help you discover some pleasant things. It claims to increase Windows’ capabilities considerably,... Users Appreciate the Windows 8.1 Start Button

Going over the plans that Microsoft has for Windows 8 can help you discover some pleasant things. It claims to increase Windows’ capabilities considerably, which will allow it to operate with a new category of smaller, more affordable devices. These devices will have enough power and portability but will still remain categorized as PCs. In other words, Windows is planning to make changes in the program that was already established and being used.

It’s a good idea to argue against the expected success regarding tweaks and changes in a running program. It could mean disaster. However, though limited research, it has been established that 60% of users believe that if Windows was to go through with their plans, they would succeed. The remaining 40% believe that there is a grave chance of failure.

Users Appreciate the Windows 8.1 Start Button

Restoring the Start Button According to Users’ Demands

One major change that Windows 8.1 wants to bring in is the Start button. People miss it the most. Windows without a Start button is totally alien. Moreover, if there are no plans to attach the Start button to the Start menu, it might not do any good.

It has been determined that many people have let the company know that the Start button has been greatly missed. However, there should have been more thought put into this because consumers may have meant that they miss the Start Menu and not really the Start button.

Critics argue that when Windows was first unveiled, it looked like a lot of the user interface changes were needless cosmetic changes. However, Microsoft argued that the changes reflected studies and user feedback. Let’s for a moment say that’s true, but how can you reconcile this with the latest decision to bring back the Start button?

What Should Users Expect with Windows 8.1?

No one should forget that while we criticize Windows 8, there are still those who like it. How are they going to feel about Windows 8.1? How are they going feel when they see that the Start button is back?

While many Windows users might have been ready for change, what they have witnessed is every trace of XP being wiped out as a new brand of Windows is introduced. However, the problem is that this brand is not being marketed as a brand. While this is the case, you can never be sure of what else will be introduced in newer versions of Windows. These may have omissions or inclusions depending on what the manufacturers deem suitable.

How Many Users Really Need the Touch Screen Feature?

Another major concern is the touch-screen feature that many feel has been forced on them. Many users do not have touch-screen devices, and this has created an overwhelming hue and cry in the market. While it is said that Windows 8.1 might provide users with the option of switching between the two modes, this shows that there was never really any overwhelming demand for the touch-screen feature.

The near future will determine what Windows will have for its users. People have used Windows for too long to give up on it, and that’s why Windows has an amazing opportunity to produce a version that gives users all that they want.

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