With the availability of Google Glass to the general public coming closer and closer, the interest in wearable computing has never been this strong. Of course, the concept has always been a topic of interest for forward thinkers, and it is also a bone of content for those who see a lot of potential danger. But, as much as some people may have closed their minds to the concept, wearable computing is the future of gadgets. And if the whispers about tech icon Dell are anything to go by, the wearable computing niche is really something to look into.

wearable computing

The news is that Dell is looking to enter the wearable computing niche, some say because of the struggling PC market. We’ve heard doomsday prophecies revolving around the death of the personal computer, thanks to smaller and more portable devices. Whether or not the PC will totally disappear within our lifetime, we do know that Dell has not been a healthy company in quite some time.

Add to that the shrinking PC market, and it is only understandable that the brains running Dell are looking at other options. If they want to continue being a top brand, that is.

I do not know a single soul who gets excited when Dell is mentioned, but that does not mean the company may not have anything to add to the game. They might not be as far as Google Glass yet, but Sam Burd, VP of personal computing at Dell, has said that they are “exploring ideas in that [wearable computing] space”. He went as far as to say that wearing a watch on your wrist is “pretty interesting, pretty appealing”.

Of course, we assume that he was referring to the likes of the Pebble and Cookoo watches.

Still, this does not mean that Dell is totally going to abandon the PC. Burd stated this rather clearly in spite of the abysmal financial returns his department has had.

Will Dell be able to make waves – even mere splashes – in the wearable computing niche?

[Image via Tech Week Europe]