With news about Apple applying for the iWatch trademark in Japan spreading like wildfire, supporters of the company and its products are certainly trying not to get overly excited about the possibility of a smartwatch in the future. Of course, we all know that a whole lot can happen in between applying for the trademark (and only in certain countries) and a product actually getting to market.


Now that we’re back on earth, what do you think about an iPhone-compatible smartwatch from no other than Foxconn? You know, that Chinese company that has received a lot of attention, no small thanks to its links with Apple…

Foxconn is the name known the world over, but it is officially known as Hon Hai Precision Industry, and it has jumped the gun in releasing an iPhone-compatible smartwatch. It sure is not the first one to do so, but it might very well be one of the closest companies to Apple to do so.
iPhone-compatible smartwatch Foxconn
We know that Foxconn has not been without struggles in the past months, and releasing its own iPhone-compatible smartwatch might be a way to keep its head above the water.

What can this gizmo do?

Obviously, it can be hooked up to your iPhone and it can give you information such as:

  • Vital signs – respiration and heartbeat
  • Check phone calls
  • Check Facebook posts (and other social media content presumably)
  • Check messages

With only this information on hand, I am not sure as to the edge the Foxconn smartwatch has over other wearable devices out there such as Pebble and COOKOO (which I am still debating on whether to use or not, by the way).  However, chairman Terry Gou promises that they are working on other features such as fingerprint identification. I might be acting dense here, but does that really add anything to a smartwatch?

What do you think about Foxconn’s wearable gadget?

[Images via inserbia and WantChinaTimes]