NASA has officially joined Instagram, so anyone who enjoys sharing photos of the universe, be prepeared to be seriously outdone by the new account.

NASA social media manager John Yembrick explains that “We’re always looking at new ways to connect the public with NASA, which produces a lot of stunning visual content. Instagram felt like a natural fit, and we’re excited to share our story through images. If someone asked me why they should follow NASA on Instagram, I’d tell them that can take a journey with us through a myriad of diverse photographs, ranging from spectacular views of our home planet, to distant galaxies revealing new and wondrous things about the universe. Really, what you will see from NASA will be limitless in terms of new scientific discoveries and engineering innovations.”

NASA Joins Instagram


The organisation already has a long list of social networking efforts, which include Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The reason why it has taken until now to get on Instagram is because as Yembrick explains, it is not just a matter of signing up and picking a username when you are a government group. “You can’t just say ‘we want to be on Tumblr’ and we get one – it’s a process.”

Although NASA has already been able to share beautiful images through the likes of Google+ and Flickr, Instagram is the one most people think about when it comes to showcases images. But will the organisation be experienting with the many filters that Instagram has to offer?

“Since we are a scientific and technical organization, we don’t plan on filtering images,” he says. “It’s possible we’ll filter some terrestrial images from time to time, for something fun and playful, but we would clearly identify that we did so in the caption. Trust us, we’ll never turn Mars blue.”

So what can you expect to see? Well, images from the launch of the agency’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer will be available for you to view and like, as well as an event next week at the Wallops Flight Facility for a rocket launch.

[Image via softpedia]