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The latest to hop a ride on the smartwatch bandwagon is none other than car manufacturer Nissan. As surprising as it may sound, the... Nissan’s First Wearable Tech: Nismo Smartwatch

The latest to hop a ride on the smartwatch bandwagon is none other than car manufacturer Nissan. As surprising as it may sound, the Japanese car maker has unveiled an impressive Nismo smartwatch model that has a sleek look and a wide range of unique features.

The Nissan Nismo smartwatch concept was unveiled ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show, which will run until September 22. The new tech and came right on the heels of Samsung’s first wearable tech piece, the Galaxy Gear, and Sony’s official unveiling of its Smartwatch 2.

Nissan smartwatch 1

The Nismo watch however is different from other smartwatches in that its main goal is not to connect the wearer to the smartphone, but rather to their car. Its main target audience is drivers of Nissan Nismo vehicles. The Nismo division is responsible for Nissan’s race cars and supercars.

The smartwatch basically monitors both the driver and the vehicle’s performance, with the ultimate goal of achieving even greater connectivity in automobiles.

Take a look at some of the features and functions of the Nissan Nismo Watch:

  • Measures the wearer’s biometric data including temperature and heart rate via a built-in heart rate monitor,
  • Tracks the user’s social media presence across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest,
  • Connects to the vehicle via Bluetooth, with the help of a smartphone app,
  • Monitors vehicle performance data and performs regular speed and fuel consumption measurements to increase the car’s efficiency.

The Nismo watch will be available in red and black and white and black and has an innovative, compact design with a screen incorporated in the wristband and two screen buttons for controls. The device also boasts an impressive seven-day battery life with normal usage.

Although it’s still a concept, the Nissan Nismo may revolutionize the smartwatch market in that it goes beyond the  usual purpose assigned to wearable tech, that of being an extension of your smartphone. The Nismo concept has every chance to bridge the gap between us and the technology we’re using for a whole new level of connectivity.

The Nissan team is already planning various future uses of the technology. By incorporating an ECG monitor and an EEG brainwave scanning system, the Nismo watch could actually identify fatigue and monitor concentration levels so as to warn drivers if they are getting too tired to go on driving.

What do you think of the technology? Would you be interested in trying the Nismo smartwatch? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

[Image via Gizmag]