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There have been lots of news stories about the famous or some may say infamous Google Street View.  Whatever your opinion, the technology behind... Large Hadron Collider Explored In Google Street View

There have been lots of news stories about the famous or some may say infamous Google Street View.¬† Whatever your opinion, the technology behind Google’s Street View is fascinating and really useful.¬† If you are a bit of a science buff or maybe just a tad nerdy, then you will find this information really quite interesting. ¬†Those really clever guys behind the world’s largest particle accelerator at CERN have allowed Google to map the Large Hadron Collider for use with its street view technology for virtual tours, so to speak.


So I guess it’s time to put on a hard hat and a lab coat, because now is the time to take a virtual tour of the LHC, courtesy of Google Street View.¬† Maybe you can find the elusive Higgs Boson? (The Higgs Boson is¬†thought to be what gives other particles mass, and was theorised in the sixties by Edinburgh physicist Peter Higgs). ¬†The search engine giant’s view from the street software was granted access to CERN’s vast experiments back in 2011, Google has explained and today they offer interactive maps of the gigantic scientific complex. ¬†The tunnel that makes up the Large Hadron Collider and the ATLAS particle detector experiment¬†can be explored, as well as plus CERN’s¬†LHCb,¬†ALICE and¬†CMS¬†experiments. ¬†Virtually traversing the crowded labs is an atmospheric experience, cramped¬†tunnels and metal walkways abound in this environment, as well as¬†ominous signs¬†that warn of radiation and dangerous magnetic fields.

Last year scientists at CERN¬†discovered a new particle consistent with the elusive Higgs Boson, thus reassuring physics enthusiasts that our prior general understanding of physics was not, apparently, completely wrong, (This may and no doubt will change with greater understanding of the physical universe). ¬†Google has previously given Street View access to all sorts of real and imaginary areas such as the¬†deep blue ocean¬†and Dr Who’s the TARDIS. ¬†Where should Google’s Street View team go in the future? The top of Mount Everest? As always your suggestions and comments are always welcome.

[Image via: lhc.wonkette]