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Curved screens are all the rage currently. The new screens help to deliver the latest in television tech. Many providers will be using the... The Future of Curved Smartphones

Curved screens are all the rage currently. The new screens help to deliver the latest in television tech. Many providers will be using the curved screens in their new releases of phones, televisions, and other devices. Here is what you should expect in the coming years:

LG Curved Screens

LG recently announced the introduction of flexible OLED panels for mobile devices. The company’s main competition is Samsung, and there have been numerous comparisons made between the two companies. LG is approximately 0.44 millimeters thick and is three times thicker than Samsung’s screen at 0.12 millimeters. LG’s product is more durable but still heavier. The radius of the phone is approximately 700 millimeters.

The Future of Curved Smartphones

Samsung’s Curved Screens

Samsung’s curved screens will be lighter and thinner than most of their competitors. Many people will choose Samsung for this reason. Still others will choose LG out of loyalty or other reasons. Samsung’s radius is approximately 400 millimeters. Samsung’s curved screens are expected to impress.

The Future of Curved Smartphones

Rumoured leaked pictures of Samsung’s new curved screen phone currently being test.

How Panels Affect the Curvature

If future designs will be using panels, the curve size will vary. The amount of curve will not be determined until later in the design phase, but Samsung has stated that its panel may be approximately 5.7 inches. Curved displays may prove to be beneficial but they may not be as beneficial for people who need the functionality of digital inking.

The Benefits of the Curved Touchscreen Smartphones

Samsung is expected to launch a smartphone with the new OLED screens in November. These phones are expected to rival the competition because they allow the functionality of being able to bend without breaking. The new foldable designs are the new rage in the design community.

With the new changes, experts expect that the new market will grow to $1.5 billion by 2016 and by 2019; it will exceed $10 billion. This means great things for the world’s best-selling smartphone maker, which is Samsung. If you want a display that is curved from top to bottom, LG is expected unveil a smartphone that exhibits these characteristics.

The Future of Curved Smartphones

The flexible display market is expected to expand at a fast rate. This technology can expand to automotive displays and tablet. Designers can improve wearable devices by using this technology. Companies that get started in the flexible display market will have enhanced performance and a head start in the industry. Companies like LG are also expanding their markets and are launching a 55-inch OLED television later in the year.

These changes will also help companies improve profitability and product offering. Companies must remain on the leading-edge of technology to keep their customers impressed and purchasing products. When marketing products, LG will have the advantage of releasing the technology with their televisions before the competition.

What You Should Expect from Curved Smartphones?

Experts believe that curved smartphones will expand the functionality and durability of phones. Phones that are bendable without breaking will have greater longevity and also be more coveted by the customer. Consider how curved smartphones can improve your functionality.


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