You’d be forgiven for thinking that the above photo is a still taken from a sci-fi film but it is an actual image of the biohacker Tim Cannon. Otherwise known as “DIY Cyborg”, Cannon implanted a smartphone sized Circadia 1.0 computer chip under the skin of his forearm.

The wirelessly charged sensor is able to monitor Cannon’s vital signs and then transmits the real-time data to his Android device via bluetooth.

Chip implanted under biohackers forearm

It took Cannon and his fellow “artists” 18 months to develop the sensor at Grindhouse Wetware. He reports that Circadia 1.0 is able to “send me a text message if it thinks that I’m getting a fever.” It can then determine what factors are behind the fever.

The procedure of placing the huge chip under his forearm was not medically approved, with Cannon instead choosing to use some body modification pioneers to carry out the surgery. It is also worth mentioning that it was done without anesthesia. However, the result is a little ghastly.

Of course the plan for the future is to develop a smaller package and hopefully receive medical approval.

I think that our environment should listen more accurately and more intuitively to what’s happening in our body,” Cannon said. “So if, for example, I’ve had a stressful day, the Circadia will communicate that to my house and will prepare a nice relaxing atmosphere for when I get home: dim the lights, let in a hot bath.”

He expects the first production series of the chip to be ready in a few months, costing approximately $500.

If you want to watch a video of the implanted chip then click below, but be warned it is not for the faint hearted.

[Image via mashable]