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Six US Sites Will Host Tests For Commercial Drones
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has selected six sites in various states that will host tests for the commercial use of drones. The tests are part of a programme to develop safety and operational regulations for drones, which are hoped will be ready by the end of 2015. Although... Read more
RAVPower Qi-Enabled Wireless Charging Pad
Wireless Charging is a cool idea, but I imagine that most of us still need to buy a charging pad to use the wireless charging features available on some devices.  Wireless charging first made it’s way to the Android operating system via the HTC Droid DNA last year and... Read more
Teenager Pulls Knife On Father After Not Getting An iPhone For Christmas
Reports are suggesting that an 18-year old from Massachusetts was arrested on Christmas day after apparently pulling a knife on his own father. The Enterprise reports that Alexander Torres attacked his father and several other family members, all because he didn’t get the Apple iPhone he wanted for Christmas.... Read more
Blaster Used By Han Solo Sells for $200,000
Well, if you were looking to get your hands on one of the blasters Han Solo used in some of the Star Wars movies, you have recently lost your chance. This particular blaster, which is believed to have been used by Harrison Ford in The Empire Strikes Back and... Read more
US Senator Urges Top 5 Carriers To Adopt Kill Switch
U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota has today taken up a call to arms, so to speak, as she is urging wireless carriers to enable new anti-theft technology on handsets.  According to the popular Senator, one-third of robberies involve a cell phone theft, this results in an estimated $30... Read more
Pupil Reflections in Photos Could Help Solve Criminal Investigations
Looking deep in to someone’s eyes can tell you a lot about them. Dr Rob Jenkins from the University of York’s Department of Psychology has published a study proving how pupils in photographs of people can be “mined” for information, revealing hidden truths. Dr Jenkins and his team simulated... Read more
NSA Intercepted New Laptops to Install Spy Malware
Reports from Der Spiegel have suggested that the NSA’s elite hacking unit (TAO), has gone to serious lengths to spy on unsuspecting victims. The reports, which are based on internal NSA documents, indicate that shipping deliveries of laptops and other computer accessories, are regularly intercepted and implanted with bugs,... Read more
Churches Forced To Use GPS To Keep Track Of Baby Jesus
I don’t know how you got into the Christmas spirit this year, but some people in this country decided that they would get into it by going around and stealing the baby Jesus figure from different nativity scenes around town. I don’t know if God reserves special treatment for... Read more
iPhones Coming To China Mobile From January 17th
It has been announced that Apple and China Mobile have struck a deal, allowing the iPhone 5s and 5c to be launched on the China Mobile’s 4G and 3G networks in the early part of 2014. Apparently you can pre-register for one of the phones now, with the handsets... Read more
Remote iPhone Shutter: Maxstone Hits Kickstarter
The MaxStone Kickstarter Project is a remote iPhone and digital camera shutter.  This new project is hoping to combine some popular recent gadget trends with normally sought after pro DSLR photography features for a Bluetooth connected gadget, that is distinctive and more multitalented than others in the same category.... Read more
Erasing Bad Memories is Now A Reality!
A team of neuroscientists have devised a new form of electroshock therapy, which apparently erases bad memories. The Dutch neuroscientists came up with an electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), which was designed to “target and disrupt patients’ memory of a disturbing episode.” A group of 42 patients were shown two traumatic... Read more
Avegant Glyph: Hi Res Display For $499
Avegant had designed a retinal head-mounted display a while ago, which was not for general public release.  Even when it looked like this, people were interested, because of the technology the device used and the far-reaching applications of device.  The company’s latest disclosure has me excited and I can’t wait to... Read more
UK Surgeon in Trouble for Branding Patients
As if patients scheduled for surgery didn’t have enough things to worry about before going under the knife – another potential worry can now be added to the growing list. A surgeon from Queen Elizabeth Hospital in England has been suspended from duty after his initials were found inscribed... Read more
Sony Giving PlayStation Plus 3 Games From 2013 For Free!
To get 2014 off to a good start, Sony has announced it will be giving some of 2013’s best games to PlayStation Plus subscibers. Some of the top titles that have been selected for PS3, which will be added to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection are: Bioshock Infinite,... Read more
LG Pocket Photo2 Announced
Lots of people may not have known that LG had a Pocket Photo Printer; in fact you may be one of those people.  I like to think I m not too far behind things when it comes to the latest tech, but I hate to admit it, I had... Read more
Google Plans To Turn Search into A Personal Assistant
The phrase “Google it” has become part of our common language, proving just how much of an impact Google has had. Forever moving forward, the company is always planning the next big thing and earlier this month at the LeWeb conference in Paris, Engineering Director for Google, Scott Huffman,... Read more
McLaren Working on Wiperless Windscreens
Sometimes driving a vehicle is no fun at all. Don’t get me wrong – I actually love to get out on the open road and cruise, but sometimes it seems more of a hassle than it’s worth. Especially when it’s raining, snowing, or freezing rain. Couple those poor weather... Read more
Jolla Phone Released in Europe
Jolla is a firm that was formed by previous Nokia employees in Finland, shortly after Nokia announced it was going to kill its Meego operating system and fly with Windows Phone 7 instead.  The upshot of these events is Jolla’s Sailfish OS. Sailfish OS is based on Meego, but it... Read more